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    Default How to add some volume to my hair

    Thank you for the mail. i almost forgot this site. I'm jennie and i'm 24 years old female. I have dark brown,medium length and oily hair. I wash my hair everyday before sleep but don't have time to wash in the morning. I'm quite lazy. My problem is that every morning even i wash my hair during night, my hair is always flat and limp. Anyone can suggest some good tips to add some volume to my hair. Please, Thank you

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    You might want to restyle your hair. Oily hair usually gets flat and limp. You can add some layers so it won't look limp and won't stay flat. You may also change your shampoo. Use some volumizing shampoo and conditioners once a week or so. Rest of the week you can use other shampoo for oily hair. Don't forget to finger dry your hair or use diffuser after hair wash.
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    Also washing your hair in the morning and styling it would help. Sleeping on your hair will make it go flat. I am not sure how you can solve your problem if you want to sleep on wet hair.

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    i give you some tips for hair care

    apply egg white and leave it for 30 mints and wash with conditioner shampoo

    apply curd and message gently then leave it for 30 mints and wash

    if u are using cure it will be better in morning try this regularly sure you will get

    volume in our hair

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    Here are some choices for you to choose from:
    Beat the raw egg in a small bowl. If you have long hair, you will need two eggs. Rub the raw egg into your hair. Cover your hair with a towel or shower cap to prevent dripping. After leaving the egg on for 20 minutes, or longer, rinse the egg from your hair. Make sure the water is as cool as you can get it without being uncomfortable. Warm water will cook the egg. Shampoo again with your normal hair shampoo and dry as usual. You will be amazed at the extra body the egg gives your hair.

    Reduce the beer in a sauce pan over medium heat until it is approximately ¼ the amount. Allow it to cool. Mix it into 1 cup of regular shampoo. Shampoo as you normally would with the "beer" shampoo. Rinse well. This does not need to be refrigerated. HTH

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    Why dont you try to use mayonnaise to your hair. I recommend this because my sister is using it before taking a bath she would put it into her hair and leave it for about 5 mins then rinse. She said it is very much effective to make your hair thick and more shinier than ever. Before I wasn't convince but after a month I've been seeing a good result to her hair and the remedy really works.

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    there are many volumizing shampoos and conditioners on the market. some work some don't all i can say is start trying different products until you find one that works.

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    always.. apply conditioner after shampoo.. it'll make ur hair soft and shiney... :-)

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    I've been following this thread - and I just wanted to alert everyone that Shielo is having their Volume Shampoo at 50% off on their site! I know this shampoo is expensive and NEVER goes on sale, but at 50% off - I am going to stock up and buy 4 to have with me.

    I bought Shielo's Volume line once 6 months ago and have been in LOVE with it ever since. I have super fine hair that breaks easily. This product gives great impressive volume, while protecting and conditioning hair. It helps with tangles as well. I love it.

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