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    **Roseann Boffa** Female

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    May 2010
    Venice, CA USA

    Default Anti-aging in the form of Sun Protection

    Welcome to the 21st century!
    Where we've become more aware of what is good for us and what is not through the massive amount of information on the internet. We now know it is imperative you protect your skin from the sun, it's the number 1 cause of Sun Damage.

    SunSoul was developed to not only protect you from the sun like wearing SPF 50+ but it also has healing and anti-aging properties. This advanced material developed by SunSoul combines the properties of high-end, outdoor fabrics with effective laser treatment. Fluorescent pigments embedded in the material's matrix facilitate transmission of light within a narrow spectral range for improving the appearance of skin like adding a filter. Results are achieved when wearing SunSoul products for only a few hours a week.
    It removes Brown & Red spots when wearing the Yelomod, Acne when wearing the Blumod.

    This is a natural alternative to chemical sunscreens plus you don't have to re-apply every two hours.

    I invite you to try our products like so many have throughout the world.
    This product is considered a class 1 medical devise in over 7 countries.
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    What about your face? I have seen this product advertised on info commercials on TV!!

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    **Roseann Boffa** Female

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    May 2010
    Venice, CA USA

    Default Anti-aging in the form of Sun Protection

    Your face is protected by our hats and visors.
    Yes, you have seen this product on TV, Dr. Stephen Mulholland (a plastic surgeon) has done some of the FDA clearance studies for this product.
    When you get on the site you can see some of the Before & Afters photo.
    It's also been on Dr. Phil, Rachel Rey and other programs.

    We are in an age where finding that natural sun light can not only damage the skin but with a filter, can actually heal the skin.

    Again I invite you to try this wonderful product, everyone becomes a believer once they wore the product.

    Sun Protection, Skin Therapy, Anti-aging, Anti-cancer ~ all in a shirt or hat.

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    Dr.Deepak's Avatar
    **Deepak Ghimire** Male

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    May 2008


    Thats interesting. It would be much more interesting if our members some free stuffs or some discounts.

    By the way u don't need to post site link twice ..

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    **Roseann Boffa** Female

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    May 2010
    Venice, CA USA

    Default Anti-aging in the form of Sun Protection

    You are right:

    All members can enjoy a 10% discount on our Sun Soul products by indicating the following Promotional code when ordering:

    That should motivate any person who takes their skin and sun protection seriously.

    and to take it another step:
    Anyone who purchases product from our web site and then send us photos will get a free gift.

    Take photos before (as a base line) and then during your 8 week process and
    allow us to post the photos. This will entitle you to free product, email us for details.

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    Default I've been using it for a while

    I've been using a Sunsoul long sleeve shirt and baseball cap for a few months now and I really can see the difference in my sun damage. My face, arms and neck were the worst areas. Wearing the cap gives my face something like a light treatment. I don't understand how it works really but somehow wearing the shirt and cap in the sun makes my skin tone even and removed alot of those patches. People are telling me my face looks much younger. And Sunsoul even does a shirt that gets rid of acne. I love it so I'm telling everyone I know to buy them. I got mine at

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