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    oh one more thing, i heard there was a study done in Japan years ago, that if people smelled the grapefruit scent twice a day, it would activate in the brain the enzyme to break down fats in the body. I dont know how true that is though

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    i just googled cellulite. i didn't realize that it isn't just fatty tissue. there has been many types of treatment for it but cellulite is not an easy thing to get rid of. i thought liposuction was for cellulite but it can actually make cellulite worse. eating healthy and drinking enough fluids can help keep cellulite from happening but nothing can totally get rid of it yet. come on people you all are smart come up with a new discovery and make a fortune!!!!!!!!!
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    A common misconception about cellulite is that it is caused by excess fat, lack of excercise, and weight gain. Although these can be contributing factors, it is not the cause, hence weight loss and increased excercise alone will not "cure" your cellulite. Weight loss and excercise will help your cellulite, because with less fat the cellulite is less apparent, (however still there).

    The formation of cellulite has more to do with your connective tissue (in women it is less flexible than men), circulation, hormonal factors, and some genitic predispositions.

    There are treatments that can help cellulite by reinforcing connective tissue and stimulating cells, however many people also have this misconception that there is a magic cream for lazy people that they can simply be put on once a day and everything is better. This is not the case.

    To effectively fight cellulite you need to work at it. (i know no one wants to hear this because it has the word work in it) you need to take 3 steps. 1) Excercise more. At least once a day do some sort of excercise to work out the area. Jog, swim, aerobics, etc. 2) Eat a healthy diet. Fat is not the cause of cellulite, but it certianly makes it more visable. 3) Find a quality treatment, or combined treatment to help repair connective tissue in the area. A good combined treatment would be to exfoliate the area once a week with a microdermabrasion (renews skin, increases collagen and elastin) and MASSAGE for about 10 minutes a good cellulite cream or gel atleast once a day (i would go for 2). Ingredients you want to look for are Lipolytic active ingredeints, (Caffeine, Carnitne, and Aminophyline) Venotonic Active ingredients, (coffe extract, mate, seaweed extract) and Firming or restructuring ingredients (Asian centella + Organic silicon).
    In our spa we recommend Sesderma“s Ses celulex anti cellulite gel or cream to our patients with great results.
    If you follow these steps you should have visable results in 3 months. One other thing that will help is not to wear tight clothing (cuts of circulation).

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    Thumbs up YES, cellulite CAN be reduced!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Galvanic_Beauty View Post
    oh one more thing, i heard there was a study done in Japan years ago, that if people smelled the grapefruit scent twice a day, it would activate in the brain the enzyme to break down fats in the body. I dont know how true that is though
    Galvanic Beauty, smelling grapefruit scent does help people lose weight. I cut it in half and smell & eat the half in the morning and the other half at night (before dinner or before bed time when i am hungry).

    Japanese people invented a new tool for cellulite called GERMANIUM & SEMICONDUCTOR roller. I have been using it since last year and result have been AMAZING It does not require to use specific gel, no battery or charging required, roll your body for 3 minutes (minimum) a day! very easy and simple but it really works!! no wonder why it was voted in VOGUE Beauty Magazine as #1 cellulite/fat care in 2008!

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    Cellulite can be helped with lots of hydration. Also, I have used creams and supplements that have drastically reduced my cellulite. One of my personal favorites (& the one I'm using now) is from & is their firm & tone serum as well as their supplements. Has worked great for the stubborn cellulite. You'll probably start seeing a difference after about three to four weeks of use.. that's about the time it took for me from what I remember.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!

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    i am using cellulite cream made in italia and it is working very well too. it is very expensive but i think SOME og those expensive ones are better and it has reasons why it is expensive!

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    I think,
    Do aerobic exercises.
    Increasing muscle mass significantly decreases the appearance of cellulite.
    Builds muscle may help to get rid of cellulite.
    Drink enough water.
    Eat properly.
    Eat lots of fiber and combine your food properly.
    Hope will help.

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