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    Default Care for oily hair

    Mix a tablespoon of malt vinegar in a glass of water and add three drops of patchouli. Take one tablespoon of it and massage it on your hair. Keep the lotion on for an hour. Rinse with cold water. Do this two times a week.

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    Thanks for the tip mate.

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    Good tip, will surely help my sister as she as oily hairs.

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    Care for oily hair beauty and style should be perfect so never forget this happy to be here all life and bring happiness in all matters so never forget a best outcomes a good image and maintains a standard so carry on race for purpose.

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    How does this impact hair that had been coloured? Vinegar being an acid seems to me like it might impact the colour.

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    If you don't already, wash your hair every other day instead of every day and make sure you rinse out allll of your shampoo and conditioner (if you are using it). Also, if you are using hair product, use them sparingly and lightly. They tend to make hair oily faster than it normally would be. You should also pick up a dry shampoo (i like Klorane from Sephora) and use that on your hair on the days that you feel it is really oily.

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    What causes oily hair?
    A host of factors, alone or combined, can contribute to greasy hair.

    Genetics. Unfortunately, you can inherit a tendency toward oily hair. Just as you might have Grandma’s green eyes and Dad’s dimples, oily hair can also be passed down in families.

    Hormones — including any you might take in medications to prevent pregnancy or control menstrual problems — can also increase the grease.

    Hair thickness. Each hair on your head has two to three oil glands. Fine hair has less room on each strand for the oil to coat it, so it can be oilier than coarse or thick hair.

    Hair shape. It’s easier for oils to travel down straight hair than on curly hair, so people with straight hair are more likely to complain of oil problems.

    How can you prevent oily hair?
    Most treatments for oily hair aim for a drying effect to counteract the greasiness. Try rinsing or soaking your hair with:

    Weak tea
    The juice from a lemon added to a cup of water
    A shot of an alcoholic beverage diluted in two cups of water
    A quarter cup of vinegar blended with two cups of water

    Rinse your hair well afterward with warm water to remove both the liquid and its odor from your hair.

    Shampoo daily with a mild or clarifying shampoo designed for oily hair. These products will likely contain more detergent and less conditioner than other shampoos. Scrub your scalp, since that’s where the oil starts, and rinse well, as oil can collect on soap buildup. Go easy on conditioner — cut back to just once or twice a week, and focus on the ends of your hair, not your scalp.

    Once you have your hair styled the way you want, leave it alone all day. Brushing your hair can distribute the oil along the length of your hair. Don’t use more styling products than you need — the more stuff on your hair, the more opportunities for oil to cling. If you must restyle, brush some baby powder through your hair to absorb the excess oils.

    Despite your oily hair, your scalp might actually be dry. If this is the case, your oil glands will work overtime to compensate for your dry scalp, leaving your hair feeling greasy as a result. Hot-oil treatments on the scalp and shampoos containing tea tree oil may help.

    Some people claim that drinking more water, following a healthy diet, exercising, and reducing stress can help with oily hair. These are all worth trying, as they’re beneficial to your overall health whether they help your hair or not.

    If treating your oily hair on your own doesn’t get the results you want, talk to your stylist. He or she should be able to offer tips that can help you get the greasiness under control.

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    If you have a problem of oily hairs ,so you have to wash hair properly.You have to use good and quality products.You can try hair spa also.

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