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    Default Dry Skin After Bath

    Everytime when i take bath my skin goes dry.. is there anyway to prevent.Does bathing leads to dryness of your skin.if yes how can i prevent my skin from drying,please help

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    Dry skin is not because of lack of grease or skin oils rather its because of lack of water.

    Although bathing frequently with out moisturization leads to dry skin,it is now recognized that bathing once or twice daily with postbath application of emollients to damp skin can improve the water content of skin and aid in the prevention and treatment of dry skin.Bath water should be warm but not hot.Bath oils may be added.However,these may make slippery and difficult to clean.An alternative is to add one tea spoon of oil to one quarter cup of warm water and use the mixture as a rubdown either after a bath or a substitute for bath.

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    Maybe the soap you use is harsh? There are many soaps in the market with moisturizing properties. Dove for one, is a cream bar with 1/3 moisturizer if I remember correctly. Or you may also want to try using body washes instead so it doesn't strip off the moisture in your skin. Also, applying lotion right after you get out of the shower is a great way to battle excessive dryness. It has always worked for me. Most lotions aren't expensive. And there are less greasy ones so you don't have to worry about applying too much. But in your case, you might want to buy a lotion specifically formulated for dry skin. It will tend to be heavy and sticky, but hey, it's sure to work! When your skin improves, you can switch to a regular type of lotion, but never go without it is my advice to you.

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    it depends on how long your bath is. haven't you noticed that when you're in a pool, or in the ocean, when you get out your skin is all wrinkly & dry? thats because of osmosis. the water in your skin, leaves it for the water around you (basically.)

    so after you bath, just lather up on some body oil and you should be fine.

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    I notice my skin is dry after bathing when I use bar soaps so I switched to liquid soaps and have not encountered the same dryness as I used to. You need more moisture on your skin so it's either you switch to a moisturizing soap or you put on lotion after bathing.

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    Use gentle soap and baby shampoo for a start. And apply moisturizer to your body before going to bed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sachin View Post
    Everytime when i take bath my skin goes dry.. is there anyway to prevent.Does bathing leads to dryness of your skin.if yes how can i prevent my skin from drying,please help
    I'll suggest you to change your bathing soap. In fact, you should start taking bath with a moisturizing lotion instead as it will not harm your oil glands and will maintain a certain level of natural oil on your body.

    Also, avoid taking bath with too hot or too cold water.

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    Use a good home-made body scrub which you can make with gram flour mixed with oatmeal. Wet it with water and rub over your body. Two egg yolks mixed with 2 teaspoonfuls of honey can be rubbed over the body and left for about 15 minutes. There is also the option of oiling your body at night rather than day after a shower.

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    I cleanse twice a day and use moisturizer on a daily basis. I also use a heavier night creme which I make myself with emu oil, shear butter and a lot of other good ingredients before I go to bed. It really has helped with dryness and blotchy skin for me.
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    I suggest that after applying soap, do rinse your body thoroughly to get rid of the soap residues in your skin. Sometimes, that will cause your skin to become dry. And like what chicque said, use can use right after bathing or a creamy lotion.

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