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    Default Does Lavender Oil help reduce acne

    Anyone here used lavender oil ? Does it really help reduce acne?

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    i love the smell of lavender and vanilla. i don't know if it works on acne but lavender smell has a calming effect on your senses. i have never heard it used for acne but i am sure someone here will let you know.

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    o.k thank you vencasand for your answer. waiting for more to post answers

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    i do not know lavender oil helps cure acne... but it is scientificly proven that smelling lavender makes you GAIN and smelling grapefruits makes you LOSE weight!

    i LOVE the smell of lavender and it DOES makes me relax and sleep better BUT i did GAIN almost 10pounds when i used to have lavender candle in my room!

    if the reason why you are getting acne is from having tooo much stress, lavender might help!

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    Red face lavender = fat!?

    jsg... It was a very interesting post! I did some research about it and found out that it is somehow TRUE that people DO gain when they are relaxed!

    It is not really smelling Lavender = Gain but lavender does make people calm down/relaxed that people sleep more and do not move as much as when they are hyperactive! I think thats what it is!

    I have an aroma pod (humidifier) and used to drop a few lavender essential oil in the water tank when I get home from work so that I can relax! I recently lost 40pounds and finally got the body I wanted! So I have to watch out! Thanks for the post!

    Lavender and acne... If your acne is from having too much stress, smelling lavender would definitely help you. I would not recomend anyone to put an essential oil on their acne face thou. Try ROSE water kind of lighter moisturizing lotion and apply it constantly (once every 3-5hours).
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