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    Default Which Moisturiser is good to use in acne?

    As recently told by one of my friend that I should use jojoba oil, but till yet I was using aloe-vera it was keeping my skin toned and supple, I am so confused, has anyone used jojoba before can you tell me is it good to use in acne..?

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    Well most of the people recommend and its worth trying. 80% of the peoples (with acne) who uses are satisfied, few complains that it makes your face oily and greasy. I have personally not tried though. You could give it a try.

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    Lightbulb the TRUTH about ACNE!

    Believe it or not, one of the biggest reasons why people get acne is because their skin is DRY!

    I always thought people get acne because their skin have too much OIL... but there was a study that shows more than 80% of people who has acne have DRY skin!

    The best way to cure acne from the dryness is of course, MOISTURIZE your skin. Aloe Vera is a very good one. But it might not be enough for your skin NOT to breakout. Jojoba oil is also great but most people just do not like the oilyness that the oil creates on the skin.

    My suggestion is to wash your face with a DROP or 2 of jojoba oil! Make a fine foam first and then add a bit of oil and then wash your face gently. It really DOES help! Do not forget to moisturize your skin after washing your face with the skincare products (at least toner and moisturing cream or serum) that suit your skin!

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    jojoba oil is not comedogenic, so it's ok to use it on acne prone skin. However, many people (my included) find that it feels kind of unpleasant. But give it a try and see if it works for you.

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