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    Default Is Advance Technology Really Good ?

    I wrote this post on my blog after reading a news article about nanotechnology. If you want to read the full article (it is in Chinese), go here. What the article talks about is so shocking to me that I want to share with you guys what I think.

    I'm sure a lot of you have heard about nanotechnology before. What nanotechnology does is to break down particles into very small units. This technology is widely used in cosmetic products these days because the idea is that the smaller the particles in a skincare product, the better that product can penetrate your skin, which gives the maximum benefit. So, a lot of beauty companies market that their products are made with nanotechnology.

    However, according to a recent study done by a university in Taiwan, nano particles may cause damages to our lungs because nano particles are a lot smaller than normal particles in the air. They irritates our lung and cause damages to lung tissues and may also cause Pulmonary Edema (From Wikipedia: fluid accumulation in the lungs. It leads to impaired gas exchange and may cause respiratory failure.)

    The article also talked about how the study was conducted and that the experimental group (the group that breathed in nano particles) appeared to have lung infections due to the irritation from nano particles. It also proved that even just skin contact with nano particles could also lead to this.

    This is very shocking because so many beauty products these days are made with nanotechnology. A lot of products feature this and attract a lot of people because people believe products made with nanotechnology have better effects on their skin. I am so shocked because even myself is a believer in nano products before. The idea that skincare ingredients can fully get into my skin really interests me, and I admit that I've bought nano skincare products before. But now, I really need to rethink about these products. I won't say I'm 100% believing in the study result because that is just one study, and being a double major in Economics (finally find those Econometrics classes useful), I've learned that academic studies can be twisted and manipulated in so many ways that the result really doesn't tell the truth sometimes. However, this is definitely an alert to me and hopefully more studies and research can be done on this topic. This will definitely add a twist to the beauty world, and I am looking forward to see how cosmetic companies respond to this.

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    Thanks for the infos. i'll check if more details research have been done on this..

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    This issue have been around for a while.. According to Investor Environmental Health Network (IEHN) as stated in, In 2005 European Comission banned about 1000 chemicals materials that applying nanotechnology, and most of them cosmetics. There also many Consumer and Investor protection actions taken by US Governments. This act taken due to there is no contra claims form nanotechnology users to a slamming report about consequences of using ultra small particles can penetrate into bloodstream, and lymph.

    Examples of new nanotechnology applications in personal care products include:
    Penetration enhancer - Encapsulating or suspending key ingredients in so-called nanospheres or nanoemulsions, increases their penetration into the skin:
    • L’Oreal (which ranks No. 6 in nanotechnology patent holders in the U.S.) has used polymer nanocapsules to deliver active ingredients, e.g. retinol or Vitamin A, into the deeper layers of skin. In 1998 the company unveiled Plentitude Revitalift, an anti-wrinkle cream using nanoparticles.
    • Freeze 24/7, a new anti-wrinkle skincare line is planning to incorporate nanotechnology in future products.
    • La Prairie’s product, the Dollars 500 Skin Caviar Intensive Ampoule Treatment, claims to minimize the look of uneven skin pigmentation, lines and wrinkles in six weeks using nanotechnology. La Prairie’s vice president of retail marketing and training, Holly Genovese, says the nanoemulsions in the product “optimize the delivery of functional ingredients into the skin and allow these materials to get to the site of action quicker”.
    • Procter & Gamble’s Olay brand was designed with nanoemulsion technology in 2005.
    • Other companies using nanotech in their skin products as of 2005 include: Mary Kay and Clinique from Lauder; Neutrogena, from Johnson & Johnson; Avon; and the Estee Lauder brand.

    Hair products – using nanoemulsions to encapsulate active ingredients and carry them deeper into hair shafts.
    • PureOlogy began experimenting with nanoemulsions in 2000 when the company’s founder set out to create a product line especially developed for color treated hair.

    Sunscreens & antiagings: – the zinc and titanium in sunscreens are “micronized”, making them transparent, less greasy, less smelly and more absorbable into the skin.
    • DDF planned more nanotech-enhanced anti-aging products as of 2004.
    • Colorescience markets a product named Sunforgettable, a powder which contains titanium dioxide nanoparticles.
    • Paris-based Caudalie launched its Vinosun Anti-Aging Suncare, a sunscreen and anti-aging treatment that relies on “nanomized” UV filters and antioxidants, in the US in 2003.

    Source: IEHN

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    It so amazing when I heard about this nanotechnology. And I believe products using these technology are the ultimate solution for skin revitalization. And almost all are using this technology. Not being aware of it's bad effects, we cannot determine how bad it is. I can't help but believe that how effective nanotechnology are, they can still be dangerous. Thanks for info SparkleMIdori.

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    i only hear this kind of technology in a computer game which is main function is to repair damage parts of robots using this technology. btw its not a good news for us XD. like i said before natural beauty product is still the best for me.

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