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    Default skin care products could cause brain damage

    Today i was surfing other forums and saw few people talking about skin care products like sunscreen,moisturizers could cause brain damage if used for long time.

    What do you think ? is it true ?

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    depends upon the products and also if they are eating them. some products are harsh but not if you use them the way you should. the preservatives in some moisturizers can be linked with cancer but they use so little of these preservatives that i don't think they could cause brain damage. besides who wants to spend their money to have to throw away a product in 30 days? the preservatives help prevent the product from going bad. in my opinion i think you would have to eat the products to get brain damage.

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    I've used a sunscreen everyday for over 20 years. Never been

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    Most of the skin care products we use are only topical and the passage of those topical products across the blood brain barrier is limited, there might be local side effects, but i don't think they could cause brain damage. yea there was 1-2 cases where use of topical tretinoin ( Retin-A, a vitamin A analog to treat severe acne ) had shown some neurologic and psychiatric symptoms, but they are rare until and unless accompained by other systemic disease. yea some oral skin care medication ( esp. antibiotics to treat severe skin conditions) might cross the blood brain barrier and enters the brain but the side effects are rare.

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    Can everyday skin care products cause brain damage long term?

    I don't know of any direct evidence that would say yes to your question. But consider this. There are a lot of synthetic compounds in the skin care lines and also in food, i.e. additives, preservatives, etc. Their long term effect is still unknown. But common sense says that natural is always the best choice.

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    a lot of skin care products have been out for a long time and I have never heard of anyone reporting brain damage. I don't see how it would even be possible. The only thing I could even guess that would cause brain damage would be if a product had a harsh chemical in it that you were constantly inhaling that would in some way then result in brain damage but it doesn't seem likely

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    Default skin care products

    I believe if you use good quality skin care products, they will not cause any harm or can cause very less harm to the skin. Its necessary to gather all the information about the ingredients for the products.
    Bio Flora

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