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Thread: Hair Care Tips

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    Hairsty Tool Causes har loss

    Hairstyling is an easy and quick way to get the desired look. And it’s actually the best way to look good.

    According to some study, it also shows that the average woman changes their hairstyle 36 times during her lifetime by using hair straighteners, blow dryers, curling irons or any.

    When you put your hair in a variety of hairstyles tools that cause the hair to be pulled, which increase the risk of losing hair gradually as it goes on without knowing it. Hair loss can be stopped if you carefully choose your hairstyle tools.

    PH Level in Shampoo is Important For Hair
    If we go back in our school days, you may probably be heard about the PH scale in your chemistry class.

    Today we know about how the PH scale is important for maintaining the good health of hair.

    PH means a power of hydrogen. As it is the a value to measure how acidic or alkaline a substance is.

    If you wish to maintain the vibrant colour, shine and overall health of your hair it is essential to know how PH levels in shampoo and other hair products affect our hair.

    When it comes to skin and hair care products it is better to use a product with a balanced pH level. The outer surface of our hair is made of cuticles which are like overlapping scales.

    Alkali-based shampoos make these cuticles open and expose the outer surface of hair which is called cortex. When the cortex is exposed, hair strands are more prone to damage and breakage and become rough, dull, and tangled.

    On the other hand, shampoos with slightly acidic components within the balanced PH level keep these cuticle scales closed, which helps in locking the moisture and natural oils of hair.

    Alkaline shampoos wash away the natural oil of hair and to maintain the balance, our scalp produces even more oils which can give your hair a greasy look. But a PH adjusted shampoo helps in maintaining the natural level of oil and moisture making your hair soft and shiny.

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    Just after shower use a quick dry towel wrap, that is the safest way to dry your hair, do not use hair dryer! NO WAY!! or any other things afterwards to make it straight or curly.. of course it will look more beautiful, but in reality the damage is huge..
    Personally, I don't like dry shampoos and prefer more usual ones, I would not recommend using something like this
    The best solution would be to add a few drops of oil in a water spray bottle and misting through the hair, it is when your hair is filthy...
    Anyway, use oils to our hair, you can try moroccan oil by Virginic ->
    Go to hairdresser and do hair cut regularly, your hair will look fresher and better (especially during summertime). Maybe, do it once 2-4 months. It depends on your hair condition.

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    Apart from choosing shampoo according to your hair type, there are so many things which has to be taken into consideration while taking care of hairs such as oiling before shampoo, washing of hair 2-3 times in week, conditioning of hair after wash, minimum usage of chemical containing products and hair straightener.

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    Thanks for sharing! I threw away all my hair straighteners, dryers and other hot air products. I haven't heard about the swimming pool trick, I need to try it the next time I have the chance. I also minimized the amount and type of products that I use but still without using the dryer etc my hair is super dry. I discovered that the only product that makes any difference is argan oil by Virginic, it is lightweight and 100% organic, I really r3ecommedn, if you have trouble finding it here is the link:

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    To attain the best possible results, it is important to follow good hair care habits. A good hair care routine will help you prevent hair frizz, hair moisture loss, and split ends. Here are some essential tips on how to take care of your beautiful locks:
    • Traditional shampoos can keep the moisture away from your hair, especially when you used too often. Therefore, stick to a schedule of two to three times per day instead of lathering up every day.
    • Because our skin is exposed to pollution, UV rays, excessive styling tools, and chlorinated water, it is necessary to provide nourishment to maintain the beauty of your hair. A hair mask should be applied to weekly to help improve the overall quality of your hair. You can apply curd, egg with honey, coconut oil and aloe Vera gel to your hair to restore the moisture content and prevent hair fall. These home remedies take little time and can be worn while house chorus.
    • Be gentle while brushing your hair, comb your brush from bottom to top using smaller strokes. Avoid brushing wet hair.
    • Let your hair dry naturally, avoid using styling tools like blow dryers, flat irons, or curling irons. If it’s necessary, consider using a heat protectant product and use the device on the lowest temperature.
    • Choose a hair care product that is free of chemical and dyes. Get your favorite hair care products online at an affordable rate.
    • You can also consider using herbal supplements to improve the quality of your hair. Buy Hairootz capsules online from to slow down hair loss. Consult a dermatologist before picking up any hair loss treatment.

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