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    Sunlight is not the only cause of sun cancer, though it may be the primary cause, (I have also heard this to be a myth, but I suppose the jury is out on that one). I have heard that high exposure to x-rays, and harsh chemicals are also major contributors. Of course, susceptibility to skin cancer is also directly linked to our genetic predisposition.

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    This is so shocking. I was recently able to locate the only product in the entire world that is honest to God “Chemical Free” I am repulsed that I have been poisioning myself, and my babies and was blind to the truth and fooled by marketing execs who can basically use gasoline in skin cream without ever having to tell me the consumer they are doing it. I use the Made from Earth Aloe Body Therapy and the Vitamin Enhanced Face Firming Serum.

    I am using something that I am proud of today !And my skin looks and feels amazing ! It oughta be illegal what these folks are doing!

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    Ya gamma rays are big reason for skin cancer and it not only emitted through sun rays but also emitted via various kind of mechanical plants like nuclear plant etc.

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    Yes, most probably exposure of sunlight is the cause of skin cancer due to its ultra violet rays. Also I agree with mac38 on the immune system tolerance.

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    Many of reasons are covered herein this thread, Few of them that i also know are,

    Skin is exposed in Ultraviolet (UV) which is most commonly from sunlight.
    Immuno suppression-impairment of the immune system, that defends the body from foreign entities.
    exposure of skin into high level x-rays .
    People with fair skin, especially types that freckle, sunburn easily, or feels painful in the sun
    Peoples having certain genetic disorders that deplete skin pigment.
    Peoples having history of Skin cancer treatment.

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    Skin Cancer is often cause by exposing your skin on the sun rays to much, that's why it is advisable to use sun block as a protection for our skin.

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    Skin Cancer Causes

    Ultraviolet (UV) light exposure, most commonly from sunlight, is overwhelmingly the most frequent cause of skin cancer.

    Other important causes of skin cancer include the following:

    * Use of tanning booths

    * Immunosuppression—impairment of the immune system, which protects the body from foreign entities, such as germs or substances that cause an allergic reaction. This may occur as a consequence of some diseases or can be due to medications prescribed to combat autoimmune diseases or prevent organ transplant rejection.

    * Exposure to unusually high levels of x-rays

    * Contact with certain chemicals—arsenic (miners, sheep shearers, and farmers), hydrocarbons in tar, oils, and soot (may cause squamous cell carcinoma)
    Regarding your mother's comment, people who had at least one severe sunburn early in life have a greater risk of developing skin cancer. Mom is right!
    Treatment for basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma is straightforward. Usually, surgical removal of the lesion is adequate. Malignant melanoma, however, may require several treatment methods, including surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.

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    Sun is main factor behind skin cancer. The UV rays that come from sun are very harmful for skin. Therefore, a protection from the sun is required.

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    People with lighter skin color, light hair and light eyes are more at risk of skin cancer because of less melanin in their skin to protect them and also who have unprotected sun exposure are at an increased risk.

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    You should definitely not take the sun ligthy and should take proper measures to avoid sun at its hardest

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