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    Default Stop Hair Loss & Regrow Lost Hair

    Trust Ayurveda - Stop Hair Loss - Regrow Lost Hair

    IHT 9 Hair Loss Shampoo is a safe and effective polyherbal ayurvedic formulation recommended for the management and prevention of hair loss. It helps in regeneration of new hair. Results are visible within 2 to 3 weeks of regular use in majority of cases. Developed by Ayurvedacharyas and later reviewed by dermatalogists after years of research and reviews, IHT9 is possibly the best Hair Loss Shampoo, today, which not only stop hair loss but also help regrow hair naturally.

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    Default some easy hair care tips

    # Use shampoos & conditioners that match your hair type. Trial and error is the best way to find out what specific hair product is best for your hair. Do a little research over the Internet. Check ingredients and other details before you decide to go for a hair care product. Natural hair care products are safe and effective.

    # Always shower with warm water. Hot water can dry or damage your hair. Similarly, cold water is also bad for health of the hair.

    # Remember hair is most vunerable when wet. Be gentle when shampooing and conditioning. Don't use excessive force rubbing your hair.

    # Trim your hair regularly. As the ends of your hair get older and damaged by rough handling, they become prone to splitting, Nelson says. Get regular trims, at least 1/2 inch every four to eight weeks.

    # A warm oil scalp massage 2 or 3 times a week will help stimulate and moisturize the scalp. You can use good quality coconut, almond or olive oil for massage.

    # Eat a well-balanced diet, exercise & supplement your diet with vitamins to help balance your hair growth. Give your body proper Sleep.

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    Why does hair fall?

    Each strand of hair grows from a hair follicle. The new cells that are synthesized are added on to the root of hairs. This causes growth of hairs, but when the growth is hampered due to hormonal imbalance or improper diet, it leads to hair fall. There can be several other reasons of hair fall.

    * Women also have varied complains of hair fall or loosing density, sometimes localized baldness. This could be due to the use of harmful shampoos or coloring products, and other improper styling of hairs.
    * Unbalanced diets and stress, anxiety, odd sleeping hours, anxiety is the major cause of hair loss in the modern generation of today.

    How to control Hair Fall?

    There are many hair fall control remedies which can be followed depending on the reasons of hair fall .Some of hair fall control are:
    Dandruff Tantrum:

    * Sometimes the hair fall is due to dandruff in the hairs.
    * Many remedies can be applied to remove dandruff from hairs.
    * The massage of hair with warm coconut oil and the juice of lemon is a good one.
    * One should use an anti-dandruff shampoo for hairs having dandruff.


    * Sometimes scalp diseases due to bacterial or fungal infection can also lead to hair fall.
    * In that case, one should take medical help to get rid of infection and then hair fall, keeping the hairs oily or dusty should be avoided.

    Hair Fall Control With Herbal Help:

    * For weak hairs, there is an effective remedy.
    * Make a paste with castor oil, Amla and Shitake powder, powdered fenugreek seeds, neem leaves paste and eggs.
    * The paste should be applied to the scalp and hair and leave it on for some time.
    * Then Washing off with a mild shampoo strengthens the hairs and prevent hair loss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anuja View Post
    Hello, I am 28 years old female from india. I have black and wavy hair. For the past few months, i have noticed that my hair is falling rapidly, and is getting rough, dry and brittle. I am very worried. Please help.

    Hi Anuja,

    There are so many things that you can try on to make your hair fall go away but to nourish your scalp the remedy is just inside your kitchen.

    I will share with you my tips:
    * a cup of warm full cream milk
    * 4pcs of lemon (small ones)

    Mix them all together and apply on your scalp..massage then onto your hair ...keep it on for about 30-45mins. The acidity of the lemon will be neutralized by milk so it wont "cook" your hair.

    give me a feedback as soon as you see any improvement on this.
    Knowing the best hair loss treatments and eyecreams is worth the while.

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    1. Use coconut or almond oil to rub your scalp and on the soles of your feet before going to bed.
    2. Message your hair with the oil that contains vitamin E. This greatly prevents or slows down the hair loss. Vitamin E oil strengthens fragile hair and also helps to prevent the dry and flaky skin.
    3. Boil the lemon leaves in water, cool it and rinse your hair with it.

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    It is better to apply castor oil for a healthy growth of hair.
    Wash hair with tea once in a week.
    Add a lemon peel to a 'shikakai' and 'amla' mixture while washing your hair

    Hair care products should be chosen carefully.Calcium is important nutrient for strengthening the hair.Tight hairstyles such as braids, buns and ponytails can also lead to hair loss. The best way to prevent hair loss is to adopt easy hairstyle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lindathomas View Post
    Causes for hair loss:

    • Lack of vitamins (specially vitamin B6 and folic acid) in diet
    • Inadequate nutrition and improper diet
    • Stress, worry, anxiety, and sudden shock
    • Unclean condition of the scalp or dandruff
    • Heredity factors


    • Include plenty of protein rich food (pulses & cereals) and iron (green leaves) in your diet
    • Eat fruits in your diet in empty stomach.
    • Reduce your stress
    • Eat green and leafy vegetables
    Thanks for sharing this. Now I know! I won't get stressed now and don't want my hair to fall out because of my diet. I've just read from the newspaper that there's a latest hair loss treatment product called Leimo Treatment. How can I avail this product . I know this is the UK product. Thanks

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    apply some good hair oils effective to control hair lose like Amla Oil etc

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    How do you think oils help hair loss?

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    Massage your hair with either coconut oil or olive oil. It can really stop hair fall making it smooth and silky.

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