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    Hair loss, thinning of hair and balding are some of the common hair problems. Many of us suffer from these ailments due to our modern lifestyle and diet. Ayurveda can be very beneficial in treating these conditions as it investigates the root cause of the problem. The causes for these hair conditions are:
    Excess of Pitta dosha in the body is the chief cause of hair problems. Pitta is increased by excessive intake of tea, coffee, alcohol, meats and excessive smoking. Pitta is also aggravated by eating too much fried, oily, greasy, spicy, sour, and acidic foods.

    Intake of too many chemical medicines, low blood circulation, anemia, general weakness after disease, stress, anxiety, and mental tension are also prime causes of hair loss.

    Chronic diseases like typhoid fever, presence of dandruff or lice and hormonal imbalance also cause hair loss.
    So watch out carefully for these reasons! You may be overdoing one of them, and thus losing your beautiful hair.

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    Oil is good but it depends on what kind of oil you are going to use. You can also check out products that have great reviews to ensure that you are choosing the best ones.
    Knowing the best hair loss treatments and eyecreams is worth the while.

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    A mixture of castor oil along with juniper berry, sage, rosemary, peppermint and lavender essential oils will restore hair loss if used consistently. Be sure to do a patch test before massaging it throughout your scalp and wait 24 hours. You don't need to use a lot of it when you are massaging it in your scalp just enough but not so much your scalp is dripping in oil. The massage is also very important for your scalp and hair growth.

    As with any product you have to be patient but if you use it every night you will notice a difference within few months.

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    Tips to control the hair fall
    * Keep your hair clean.
    * Protect your hair from possible damage caused by the sun.
    * Let your hair dry naturally.
    * Massage your scalp.
    * Avoid hairstyles that put too much stress or tension on your hair.
    * Eating a balanced diet to prevent hair loss.

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    Those tips will help for healthy hair. I believe the people that are speaking about hair loss is more than just normal or a bit above normal hair loss. They are speaking about excessive hair loss which have other underlying problems and should be investigated further in case there are other medical problems that may be the cause.

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    I have used IHT Hair fall shampoo, and I saw very positive results from it. Though I dont recommend it to everyone as there is a strong possibility that this shampoo just suited my type of hairs, and is not much suitable for everyone. So before buying any shampoo or any cosmetic product for that matter, choose one that suits your hair type.

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    Considering hair transplant is a bad idea. I think you should try with Organic hair products and you will definitely see a difference, there are lots of people who have seen a radical difference in their hair growth. There are even hair loss supplements which will help to prevent hair fall.

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    Default How to control hair fall,please help

    Causes for hair loss:
    1.Lack of vitamins
    2.Improper diet

    1.Have protein rich diet
    2.Reduce your stress

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    Thanks for the nice discussion. Hair loss is now a days very common and many scam products available in the market. I have came across a very nice website which contains all the useful information about hair loss. /

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    Proper hair care could help you and for proper info concern any of hair specialist.

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