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    Default Sensitive Skin Care

    Sensitive skin is the most fragile skin type. It has a low tolerance level to certain products or environmental conditions. What should a person DO and DON't do with this type of skin?

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    you shouldn't over do the products you put on sensitive skin. even the lightest mineral makeup can irritate it! with sensitive skin, you have to be as natural as you can.

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    Less is more with skin that is sensitive. I also recommend staying as natural as possible with the products that you use. This keeps the ph of the face close to what it should be and you should see less issues. Find a mild facial soap or cleanser that is made naturally and stay as far away from chemicals as you can this includes make up as well.

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    I have very sensitive skin too and I think people with my skintype are the unluckiest because we can't enjoy experimenting different products as others do. For me, I only use hypoallergenic products and I'm afraid to experiment with different products because I don't want to irritate my skin.

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    I do not have a sensitive skin. I just can imagine how hard it is to have one. I've done my research and I found out that one way of caring sensitive skin is to watch out what you are eating. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid hot and spicy foods can cause negative effect.

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    I am not a beauty expert, but I am frequently told that I have really good skin. In my experience good skin comes from a wholesome, nutrient-rich diet, 8 hours of sleep each night, drinking plenty of water and keeping my energy body clea

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    I have very sensitive skin and have to even watch the laundry detergent that I use or I break out and itch terribly. I have found one detergent that does not aggravate my skin and now since they are adding all the new and improved fragrances and things like Febreeze it is even harder to get plain laundry detergent that does not bother me. My son got some Tide with Febreeze and it broke several of my family members out. Its not easy when you have sensitive skin for sure.

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    When you say ‘sensitive’ skin, what exactly do you mean? Does it react to cosmetics? Or does it bruise easily/ do you get rashes if you massage your face? Or do you react to exposure to the sun? Without knowing more about the skin’s type of sensitivity, specific ingredients cannot be suggested. However, you can use natural ingredients like tomato juice and carrot juice to cleanse your face.

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    Default Sensitive Skin Care

    Sensitive skin can be defined as a skin that is highly reactive to certain products or environment conditions. It is also prone to redness and allergy. Sensitive skin often accompanies dry skin, with a tendency to be rosier than usual. However, the characteristics of a sensitive skin may appear with all skin types.
    Easily irritated by products and environment conditions, your skin may even react badly when in contact with the clothing you are wearing. Worse, you will feel like your skin reacts to almost everything.

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    Default Sensitive at different times of year...

    I find this time of year (fall) to be problematic. In the 6 weeks leading up to the 1st frost, I am really itchy. Dr. does not see any strong signs of allergy, but when I'm itchy I scratch and that is not good ( = redness).

    The best thing I've found it to increase the fish oil intake a bit, and make sure to get enough vitamin-E. That seems to be enough to get me through this period. Curious if anyone else sees similar...?

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