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    Default Over the counter skincare products?

    Do over-the-counter skincare products work? Or is it better to use high-end physician-grade skin care products that can only be found at physicians' offices?

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    There are some wonderful over the counter skin care products. You don't need to buy high-end products. You don't need to spend a lot of money for good quality skin care.

    Read the labels and do your research before you buy anything and buy what you need for your skin.

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    as sandi said there is a lot of over the counter skin products that are good for your skin. just because something costs a lot doesn't mean it is a wonderful product. some of these expensive creams can cause acne and other problems. you have to do research. go to a cosmetic counter and try things. you don't always have to listen to the sales rep because they are there to make the sale. covergirl, maybelline, revlon, and a thousand other companies make skin care creams and lotions. you just have to try them out. most web sites have samples you can buy. remember expensive isn't always the best.

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    I definitely agree to both of them namely Brenda and y34963. There is a lot of over the counter products that you can really count on. It is just a matter of knowing it perhaps do some research or ask some of your friends about products that they have been using and how effective it is. And always be positive that there are products out there that will work for you, all you have to do is to have some efforts to know it.

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    Thanks for the tips. But dermatologist recommend prescription grade products with more potent chemicals that you can't get over-the-counter. I'm assuming I should try it out and see right.

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    Of course dermatologists would recommend prescription grade products because that is what they sell. It is called commerce. if you go to a derm that doesn't sell a product you will get a different recommendation. My derm doesn't recommend any prescription grade products. if you check labels you will see in most cases there is no difference. Give it a try if you want to waste your money. if you want to do a comparison then buy some good quality over the counter products and one that you would buy from your derm (check labels to ensure that they are the same and you are comparing the same active ingredients) and then do a comparison over a 3 month timeframe. Use one the over the counter on one side of your face and the presciption on the other and see what happens. Take pictures of before and after so that you know your results and can show them to others.

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    Over the counter skin care products can work amazingly! I use the Simple skin care product range and I have no complaints. They aren't expensive and they aren't full of potent chemicals! My skin loves it, I personally wouldn't bother with high end products.

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    I think a lot is about what you believe! In terms of performance only a blind test would really show you which is best and it does all depend on your skin type. I have sensitive skin so I too use Simple but I also like their philosophy of havinga competition to find someone to promote their brand who isn't a celebrity. I also use Body Shop stuff as they were the pioneers against animal testing and I don't use anything with lanolin in as it has been shown to cause problems (such as little white spots all over your face). Basically, if you like it and you feel good using it then go for it. Some of the most expensive products I avoid because they are too perfumed and make me sneeze!

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    Default Over the counter skincare

    Well, according to a doctor on You and Yours the other day the cheaper skin care products have just as much efficacy as the very expensive ones where most of the money goes on the packaging.

    So, with great relief I will be sticking to Simple and the Body Shop as well as various Boots products and will try new products within those ranges unless I hear that something else works really well (e.g. at the moment I am trying to work out if I will spend 16 on the Clinique sparkle skin to get rid of the keratosis pilaris on my arms as it was recommended in Zest recently).

    One other thing; why is it that Simple are recruiting a person to promote their brand via their website and yet none of the really expensive brands are using real people? Maybe it is because their products are not doing miraculous things without the aid of airbrushing?!!

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    Whatever product you use, expensive or inexpensive, just be sure to read the ingredients. You want to be sure that the ingredients are what you are looking for. Not all low end products have the efficiency as a high end product. Clinique has some very good products. I wouldn't necessarily call them a high end product though. Sort of middle of the road as far as expense goes. I used Clinique for years and had great results. I also believe you should change your skin care products from time to time as your skin gets used to them and needs something different occasionally.

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