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    **Rachel** Female

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    May 2012


    I use soap because it last longer and better for my hip pocket

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    **Lucy Jodkowski** Female

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    I only ever have showers and I use both! bar soap all over followed by shower gel/body wash all over! for me; soap is for cleaning, shower gel is for a pretty scent.
    using both makes me feel squeaky clean!

    Skin is my passion.

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    body wash

    Soaps can use waxes, which aren't necessarily good for the skin. Plus I just am not a soap fan.

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    I use a body wash, then I use a scrub after that.

    Lol, I should also probably note right here that it's been a while since I've been on. How is everyone? ;)

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    I have never seen a soap that uses any type of wax. What are you referring to?

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    Waxes form the base for most soaps, even expensive ones, as well as many lipsticks and several oil-free skin care products. Made from Sodium Tallowate (rendered beef fat), wax is an occlusive and suffocating substance to put on your skin. Soap scum in your bathroom comes from wax in your soap plus your own dead skin, pasted to the tub and tiles. It also pastes down dead skin to your body, preventing skin from functioning properly.

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    **clara kim** Female

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    Quote Originally Posted by fenix View Post
    I like to alternate, sometimes body wash, other soap, depends on the mood.
    same here, I use both, whatever I feel like since I have both in the shower with me

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    I make cold pressed soap and have never used or seen a recipe with wax as an ingredient. Most people who make soap use vegetable oils and not tallow.

    In lipsticks and lip balms some people use a bit of beeswax which is totally acceptable otherwise it would not hold up. We also do not use beeswax in skincare products. There is no need to with all the awesome butters and oils available to us now.

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    **Clinton Cerejo** Male

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    Florida, USA


    I love using soap on my body...It complete removes dirt & dust making my skin healthy & beautifull

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    My choice is Body wash.I always prefer Body wash.I think Body wash ingredients are best as compare to soap.

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