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    Default crowfeet and small lines

    I'm a 28 yr old man with a healthy lifestyle but lately I started to notice crowfeet and fine lines. It runs a bit in our family, especially for most male persons it's the first sign of aging.

    I've tried some eyegels but none of them have made a difference so I was wondering if you knew about any good treatments ( no botox or stuff)

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    I am thinking that your crowsfeet and fine lines are from squinting. If you wear a sunscreen, really good sunglasses that cover the entire eye area, and don't squint you should not have crowsfeet at your age. However, given that you have mention that it does run in your family you can use an eye cream but please give it time to work. Use a product for at least 30 to 60 days to give it a chance to start working.

    There are many good ones on the market and you can also make your own. 100% Pure makes a great coffee eye cream that does work really well and I would highly recommend it. It also will reduce bags and puffiness too. It is 100% organic so it is great for your skin. Coffee is a terrific antioxidant so it will fight all those free radicals that may be causing your lines. Using a vitamin C serum will also help at your age with those problems but again, but again give the products time to work.

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    Thank you so much, do you have any idea where you order those products?
    So far, I used a biotherm, elastiderm and all about eyes from clinique gel for quite some time ( every product more than 60 days)

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    Clinque is a good product. You probably need more than a gel then if it is not working for you and you have given it a good amount of time.

    You can get 100% Pure on line. They do have a website and ship their products worldwide.

    With respect to the Vitamin C serum many companies make this product. Prices range but I don't necessarily think the most expensive one is the best one. For the C serum I would suggest that you order Cellex C or Obagi. They both have good reputations and I have used both and like them. Cellex C is probably the least expensive.

    And don't forget that sunscreen, it is the most important skin care product anyone will use.

    Hope this helps,

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    thank you so much, I really appreciate it, y34963


    do you know where I can have the cellex c the cheapest?

    When do you apply the serum and what about the cellex ( I mean morning, evening,...?)

    Would you recommend me to use the cellex around the eyes or all over my face? and would you still use an eyecream like clinique in addition to this regimen?

    About the sunscreen: there's so many products available in this world that I just don't know which one really works. If anyone could recommend me something, I'd be very pleased

    Thanks already

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    Yes, that is it. The coffee bean caffeine eye cream. It is very nice and I am sure it will work for you.

    I am not sure where to buy Cellex C the cheapest. Do a google and see what would be the cheapest shipping to your area. The serum would probably be pretty much the same price every where but the shipping will vary to your area so that would be what I would check.

    Once you get the C serum you put it on your face every morning. That's it. It is very nourishing in itself as well. Just wash your face wait 20 minutes and put it on. The reason you want to wait 20 minutes is to get the ph balanced once again on your skin after you have washed your face.

    For sure, use the Cellex around your eyes, you will only need approximately 4 to 5 drops of the serum to do your entire face including under your eye area. Actually, the founder of Cellex C, to prove a point on how well C serum works, he used it on only 1 eye so everyone would see the difference. I can tell you there is a huge difference.

    If you are going to use the Coffee Bean eye cream that is all you need. You don't need another one.

    I would recommend to you.

    Wash your face morning and night.

    AM routine

    Wash your face, use C serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen.


    Again, wash your face, use your eye cream and moisturizer.

    That's it. At your age I don't think you need anything else. Just remember that the sunscreen is the most important product you will use so make sure it is a broad spectrum sunscreen. There are many on the market that would be suitable. If you order Cellex C they are a very good sunscreen as well.

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    Thank you so much, you're a great help. How long do I have to wait in between applying the c serum and the coffee bean gel? Do you recommend me to use another moisturizer on the rest of my face in the morning?

    Thanks already

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    After your c serum wait for about 15 minutes then put the eye cream on moisturizer and sunscreen. You will find that the serum is moisturizing in itself and so is the sunscreen. Some people don't use another moisturizer in the morning. If you find that your skin feels fine without the moisturizer don't use with the serum and sunscreen. This part is really dependant on individuals skin. Give it a test, try it one with it and one day without it and see which you like best.

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    thanks, I've noticed cellex c comes in 30 ml bottles, do you have any idea how long a bottle will last?

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    That will last you probably 2 to 3 months as you only need 4 to 5 drops to do your face. I always keep my c-serums in the fridge. Even though they are in dark bottles you want to keep the light away from them and keeping them cool also helps keep them fresh. The coolness also feels nice on the skin as well.

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