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    Smile How to eradicate blackheads for forever....

    Heloooo frineds I am suffering from blackheads problem
    I have seen that every time I remove that It again come after
    2-3 weeks I would like to eradicate it forever please suggest me
    what to do and what are the precaution that should be taken for
    solving this problem.

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    if i had the perfect answer to your request i would be a millionaire!!! just takes time, washing your face morning and night. using benzyl peroxide or retin a or a prescribed drug. nothing will keep them from coming back, but a good facial routine will keep them under control.

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    Switch to oil-free cosmetic products. If you want to stave off future blackheads, you must make sure your lotions and makeups are not increasing the likelihood of a breakout.

    Apply over-the-counter creams containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide, as recommended by the University of Maryland Medical Center. These products will prevent blackheads and other forms of acne.

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    I was always told that applying witch hazel to the affected areas after a good scrub helps, I haven't tried this because I'm too much of a pansy to handle the burn - which I'm told isn't that bad but still.

    I also go in for a full blown facial about once a year and the first one I ever had, my sister took this little tool to my blackheads and scraped(?) them out! It was pretty painful but totally worked for a couple of months!

    My worst zone is my chin in the crease between my lower chin and my lip. For some reason I cannot for the life of me reduce them in this area. I've tried intense exfoliators, I've tried pulling them out myself, to no avail. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled here for a little miracle ;)

    Thanks for posting this smith! It's a question I'm sure we'd all love to know the answer to!

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    I'm just keep scrubbing my face a papaya leaves every time i take a bath, I have no sign of blackheads, and my regime every night before I sleep, facial wash and I have some cream to be apply!

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    Wow jonesbonnie where using the same procedure, but I stop using it because it si hazel for me to find papaya leaves!! I never though that I have a companion her using papaya leaves hehehe!!

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    hi smithalan00 !by the way how old are u? do u have any acne as well or just black heads.i would also advise u proper cleaning with good facial scrub once or twice a week and can also use some retinoids before bedtime according to the advise of our dermatologist if the condition is worse.

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    A regular from here (Brenda I think) can tell you more what products are in this and how best to use it but I recently got prescribed Duac gel. I wouldn't normally promote a prescription medication but this works wonders. I had some black heads on my nose and although they were not very noticeable, they have now cleared completely and, for me at least, with no side effects.

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    I think you should avoid using harsh soaps and creams that have too much of chemicals. Also avoid creams, moisturizers and lotions that are sticky. Be aware of your skin type and use the creams accordingly.

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