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    Default How can i get rid of freckle-like spots around my nose

    Iíve developed these freckle-like spots around my nose after my pregnancy. The spots look really ugly and visiting social gatherings has become very embarrassing. Can I remove them permanently? Is there any way I can hide them using makeup?

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    i honestly think freckles are adorable! but if you hate them so much, you could try covering them up with a concealer during the day, and put on a spot correction cream on them during the night.

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    I also have the same problem with Dolly. I have little freckles around my nose. I went to a dermatologist and she prescribed me a cream but I stopped using it since it has a stinging effect. What are the natural ways of getting rid of my freckles?

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    You might want to check first to see if they're really freckles. Maybe they're just allergies that won't go away? I'd recommend seeing your dermatologist first to make sure you get the right treatment. My mom uses lightening creams to get rid of her freckles and age spots, though the only one that has been effective so far is the Pond's 7 day age miracle cream. It took more than just 7 days to work, but she claims it's what lightened her spots.

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    Freckle-like spots developed after pregnancy sometimes fade away on their own. You can however, get them removed permanently with laser treatment. You can also hide your freckles using a concealer. Concealer, as the name suggests, is used to conceal facial imperfections and hide blemishes, under-eye circles, spider veins, dark spots, pimples, scars and birth marks. Denser than foundation, a concealer is mostly used to cover up darker spots on the face.

    Generally you should choose a concealer one shade lighter than the foundation though sometimes, people also use concealers that are two shades lighter than the foundation. The concealer type may also depend on the area you want to cover. A drier concealer is better for covering up the face in general but for more delicate areas such as under-eye area, a creamier concealer will work better. You could try the micro-dermabrasion facial which will prove beneficial for removal or lightening of these spots.

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    i didn't use anything and now looks like some have fade away..thanks all for your suggestions .if it doesn't fade i'll sure use some creams.

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    Have you tried the itworkspaste? Someone else asked about it. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like it's supposed to take care of many skin probs. I checked ebay too, and it looks to have pretty positive feedback so I am going to try it.

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    Freckles due to pregnancy usually go by themselves. Eat good food with plenty of green-leafy vegetables in it. It will surely benefit you.

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