Here are few basic tips for Big day.

Planning your budget, withstanding long shopping sprees, choosing from various themes, scanning through your list of guests, booking honeymoon venues – the wedding air brings with it as much stress, as it does joy!

You are likely to carefully inspect every item on your wedding checklist about 5 times, again. Wouldn’t you then also want to draw out your own little skin care checklist in preparation of your big day?

First on the list, detox your skin. Bid adieu to caffeine, sweets and festive goodies if you want to look flawless on your D-day. Settle for two glasses of vegetable juice and plenty of fresh fruits. Yoga, especially Pranayama and Kapal Bharti can prove to be excellent stress-busters.

Secondly, no matter how much you would love to, avoid a facial. Try Microdermabrasion twice a week instead. Be sure to cleanse your skin morning and night and follow-up with a serum, moisturizer and eye cream.

Invest in quality products. If your skin is dry, use a soap-free cleanser. Be it normal or oily, use a pH balanced cleansing bar. Cleanse at least 3 to 4 times a day, use a toner to normalise the pH balance and follow it up with a sun-blocking moisturizer.

Chewing 1000 mg of Vitamin C everyday can help cease redness in your skin, including acne scarring. Pomegranate juice on the other hand, rich in antioxidants, will not only give your skin a health boost, but also your immune system.

Why bother to sit through long precious hours to shave or wax? Consider laser hair removal, and be honeymoon ready!

Lastly, but certainly not the least, take ample rest from all the running around and be sure to get proper sleep. Stay happy and smile all you can!