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    Here are few basic tips for Big day.

    Planning your budget, withstanding long shopping sprees, choosing from various themes, scanning through your list of guests, booking honeymoon venues – the wedding air brings with it as much stress, as it does joy!

    You are likely to carefully inspect every item on your wedding checklist about 5 times, again. Wouldn’t you then also want to draw out your own little skin care checklist in preparation of your big day?

    First on the list, detox your skin. Bid adieu to caffeine, sweets and festive goodies if you want to look flawless on your D-day. Settle for two glasses of vegetable juice and plenty of fresh fruits. Yoga, especially Pranayama and Kapal Bharti can prove to be excellent stress-busters.

    Secondly, no matter how much you would love to, avoid a facial. Try Microdermabrasion twice a week instead. Be sure to cleanse your skin morning and night and follow-up with a serum, moisturizer and eye cream.

    Invest in quality products. If your skin is dry, use a soap-free cleanser. Be it normal or oily, use a pH balanced cleansing bar. Cleanse at least 3 to 4 times a day, use a toner to normalise the pH balance and follow it up with a sun-blocking moisturizer.

    Chewing 1000 mg of Vitamin C everyday can help cease redness in your skin, including acne scarring. Pomegranate juice on the other hand, rich in antioxidants, will not only give your skin a health boost, but also your immune system.

    Why bother to sit through long precious hours to shave or wax? Consider laser hair removal, and be honeymoon ready!

    Lastly, but certainly not the least, take ample rest from all the running around and be sure to get proper sleep. Stay happy and smile all you can!

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    Do not cleanse your face 3 to 4 times per day! In the morning and before bed is all the cleansing you should be doing. You will do more harm to your skin if you wash more than that.

    Do not do a microdermabrasion twice a week either! Once is more than enough.

    A facial once a week is most beneficial.

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    Wash up the face 2-3times a day is an important aspect when are talking about the tips to clean up your face, but I am not sure about cleansing 3-4 times a day as per the original post... That would wreck my skin and make my oily skin go into overdrive!

    My personal note- start treatments as soon as possible!!!

    I went on Retin A to try and get rid of the millions of underskin bumps I had (blocked pores) and had quite bad scarring from the purging phase that hadn't faded yet. It was all covered by makup on the day but I was quite self conscious when hanging out pre- and post wedding and wearing minimal if any makeup (wedding was in tropics and we were swimming etc some days).

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    Tips for the bride stop eating junk foods and avoid your self from stress even your to busy preparing for your weeding day! Take some food complements and avoid watching television! , IF you try that I'm sure on your weeding day your the most beautiful bride!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonesbonnie77 View Post
    Tips for the bride stop eating junk foods and avoid your self from stress even your to busy preparing for your weeding day! Take some food complements and avoid watching television! , IF you try that I'm sure on your weeding day your the most beautiful bride!

    A red mark left by acne treatment is one common problem for those suffers of acne, and somewhat embarrassing for most of the people. Acne is usually after affect of clogged skin pores because of natural body secretions combined with sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. Acne eventually leaves scar and could take lot of time to heal. Here are few tips to get rid of acne scars and keep pores clean to prevent any further outbreak.

    When you go out, keep your face well covered so that it doesnít accumulate any dust of pollution on the skin. Donít forget to wash your face regularly and apply water based moisturizer to keep skin well nourished.
    Products you apply on your face are also very important to control acne, some of you maybe allergic to certain products or chemicals in that causing acne outbreak. Take an example of moisturizers most of them are very greasy and oil based thus causing blockage of skin pores that eventually turn into acne swelling.

    Religiously remove all the makeup and cosmetic with the help of natural astringed absorbed in cotton wool before you go for bed.
    Home Remedies for Red Acne Marks

    One of the most common reasons for acne is scarring and scratching of acne constantly can cause it to spread to other parts of the body and thus also give rise to infections. Acne red marks could also be prevented with the help of a healthy and nutritious diet. A healthy diet is important for the maintenance of your skinís health. Avoid eating oily, deep fried, greasy and processed foods as they could aggravate your acne.

    At the same time there are few very effective home remedies you can try for immediate relief. Easiest and most effective way is to wash your face regularly with cold water time to time. Aloe vera is another effective treatment for acne and spark. Cleanser your skin with aloe vira juice to help curb oil production.

    following are home remedies of acne or pimple scars using ingredients from your kitchen.

    Large pores on facial skin can be treated with paste of sandalwood (chandan) powder with black gram (masoor) dal. Apply on scars and leave it overnight and wash with cold water the next day. This is an efficient remedy to get rid of acne scars.

    Make thick past of sandal wood powder and black gram. Apply it for overnight and wash following morning with cold water. If your skin turns very dry in the morning, apply the paste for lesser hours or you could use little milk to the paste.
    Apply the ice cubes on the face for few minutes as it will help tighten the pores.
    Apply a mixture of equal parts of milk cream and lemon juice on your face to lighten the scars.
    Apply cucumber juice on the face. Wash it off after 15 minutes to tighten the pores.
    Cut a tomato in half and rub on the skin. Leave on for 15 minutes. Wash it off with water. This will reduce open pores and blackheads.
    Add 2-4 drops of fresh lime juice a tablespoon of fresh tomato juice. Massage this mixture on your face in circular motions with a cotton ball. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes and then wash with cool water. Daily use of this will shrink pores.

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