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    Default Red spots on my body

    I have this spot on my left butt cheek and it hasnt gone away for about a week and
    I have some red spots on my upper body in random spots that almost look the same, sort of like poison ivy. This is what the spots on my neck look like:

    someone said it could be Pityriasis rosea. This is what the spots on the front of my body look like. Ignore the flakey part, thats just from some stuff i put on it yesterday.
    This is what the spots along my spine look like lower on my back:
    I've never had any kind of skin irritation like this before, only poison ivy. More spots have appeared on my upper body and I've been applying lotrimin AF for ringworm since last night with no changes yet. A couple days ago I read about ringworm and some people were able to get rid of the spot with nail polish. I applied that to the spot on my left butt cheek and it actually does look a little better now after I peeled off the rest of the polish tonight. The rest of my upper body is getting worse though, I'm hoping the lotrimin makes it go away soon. Thanks for any advice you might have.
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    From the photographs u have sent the lesions looks like pityriasis rosea to me, which is thought to be of viral origin,though the specific causative organism is unknown. It takes about 4-6 weeks to subside of its own. It usually doesn't need any treatment , besides some symptomatic treatment can be used like topical calamine lotion and antihistamines if the rashes are itchy,and some topical steroids if the lesion is erythematous along with some antiviral medication if the disease is on early stage.This is also thought to be of infectious origin so try to avoid contact with children as far as possible within first few weeks.

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    ugh, I almost wish it were ringworm. I feel like I could clear that up quicker, with this there's not much I can do. Thanks for your reply

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    this is what it has evolved into. It hasnt really gotten any worse in a couple days now though. Its not really itchy, once and a while it itches a little but not bad really.
    I'm hoping it doesn't spread anymore, as it pretty much is all covered up by a t-shirt luckily.
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    Well.. i don't think lotrimin AF will do any wonder to you, doesn't look like fungal infection. It looks like pityriasis rosea. It might take around 4-6 weeks to go away on its own. Though treatment might not required, u can use some symptomatic measures, like oral Antihistamines or local soothing lotions for itching.

    Try to stay cool, avoid warm environment and excessive exercise which may worsen the rash and itch. Oral anti-viral drugs if given early may reduce the duration of rash. Light therapy with sunlight or ultraviolet B ( UVB) may lessen the duration of pityriasis rosea but always consult a dermatologist or physician before proceeding any treatment. Don't always rely on online diagnosis..

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    I do agree with deepak u should also try see dermatologist nearby coz they can do necessary investigation to confirm the diagnosis like blood tests.another things i wanna add is avoid scratching and breaking skin for that you can and follow the suggestions given by deeepak,coz that can cause other infections , secondly also try to boost up your immune system by eating healthy foods,avoiding alcohols, smoking and taking proper rest.

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    Hi, I know this is an older post but I had Pityriasis Rosea a few years ago. It was around October time so I was able to wear suitable clothes to hide it. In other words it did not affect my face, thankfully.
    But underneath my clothes I was like an alien, and the hearld patch really freaked me out for some reason. I got the Hearld patch before the main skin problems broke out and was obviously scratching away without actually looking at it.

    What I can say thou, as it started to clear after about 3-4 weeks, my skin shed really bad, pretty gross, but when it did shed my new skin underneath was absolutely beautiful, smooth and really clear. So if you are suffering from P.S - it wont last forever and you should feel quite good when it clears up. Apart from the itching when I had it, I was feeling 100% otherwise and still continued with all my normal activities.


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    yup same thing happened here. Luckily it was fall so I was bundled up more. You could see a tiny bit on my neck, but I just said it was poison ivy. Its all gone now luckily, I definitely dont want to deal with that again. I didn't have much flakey skin though

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