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    I will start with the story:
    I had a zit between my eyebrows during June in 2011 that has left me a red mark (it has been infected). I thought that if I will rub it, it will peel off the skin in this area and therfore the red mark will go away. I have rubbed the area with a towel and have had a big mark between my eyebrows.
    Since then, I have this scar (since July 2011). It really, really lowered my confidence (people say things about this all the time). I have used so many stuff on it and some of them only made it worse (I also have a breakout on my forehead because of the things I've put). Some of the stuff I tried are Aloe vera (at first, when I wanted it do dissapear fast), Bephantene, Comagis cream, Polygonum gel, Triplederm, Dakrakort. I have gotten all of these things from a dermatologist, and NONE of them helped. I don't know how to define this scar, perhaps an abrasion scar, a burn scar, I really don't know. I just want it to go away.
    I have searched for some scar creams on eBay, and the most recommended one is the Mederma scar cream. I really need help with this guys, do you have any suggestions? It's been more than 10 monthes since then and I still feel like it's not going away.
    Thank you very much.

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    Hey there, first off, let me introduce you to the forum.

    You should never rub spots! shame you found out the hard way.
    I can't help you with this but maybe some others on this forum can, hope you find an answer!

    Skin is my passion.

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    mederma is a scar cream recommended by surgeons. there are all kinds of scar creams out there though. please keep your hands away from this spot. i don't mean in washing your face, i mean during the day. make sure you use sunscreen to prevent the spot from getting the bad rays from the sun. even if you used mederma or a similar product don't forget to protect your skin. is the area raw? or is it just a red rash looking area? an abraision type scar seems to take forever to heal because you rubbed off several protective layers of skin. please let us know how you are doing. and i join lucy in welcoming you to our forum.

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    Thanks. The spot is not the problem anymore, like I said it was on July and it's been a while. My problem is the scar between my eyebrows. It's frustrating because a lot of time has passed and yet I can see it.

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