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    Default Eye Wrinkles at 24

    Hello everyone,

    I have a deep concern about the wrinkles I have around my eyes. I have had some sun exposure in my life, but nothing extreme ( maybe a couple of sizzling summers), I do not smoke, I eat well, I am not overweight, and get enough sleep . I use retinol, a good eye cream for day and night and a good moisturizer.

    I genetically have deep set eyes ( slightly sunken in), but I am very healthy. I have been told my eyes are my best feature, however, I am looking for a solution for these smile lines. They are not like that when I'm not smiling.

    FYI- I have attached a horrible picture for you to refer to. lol.The attached picture is of me up late with a lot of make up/concealer/ foundation and my biggest smile.

    I know not everyone is perfect, but I am so self-conscious about this and would like to know if I am doing anything wrong, or if a solution exists. Feel free to let me know any creams, and even surgeries.

    Thank you all so much! Can't wait to hear your responses! <3
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    Sometimes eye wrinkles at a young age are caused from sleeping on tummies. When you sleep on your tummy your face gets all scrunched up especially around the eyes.

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    You do have beautiful eyes. I can't help you but do you protect your eyes when outside, even for a short time, to prevent squinting?

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    Yes it's totally from repetitive squinting and I am a side sleeper ( both sides) so you guys are right . I wonder, though, since the damage is already done what treatments there are! I will take both of those things into consideration. Thanks so much

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    you should avoid sun any how !

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    Guys do anyone of you know what is the best cure for wrinkles in a very young age and why these formed, Do anyone have idea please let me know soon. Thanks

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    As the damage of the collagen and elastin fibers around your has already occured. we can only prevent it from further damage or try to minimize it. i think regular moisturizing is very essential along with good protection from sun with proper sunscreen with spf 15 or over and applying at regular interval of time. i guess sunglasses can also be very helpful while outside to decrease stress on your eyes due to strong UV rays. Removing makeup going to be, avoiding stress, avoiding too much computers and late night sleep guess is very beneficial.perhaps you can also try some laser resurfacing for you crow's feet laugh lines, i heard it works for some.

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    Saiyan, thank you for that information. I think I will be looking into laser resurfacing.

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    As a side note to everyone, I have gone through an abundance of stress ( as most in the modern world do). I try to work out, and do Bikram Yoga a couple days a week. I have recently graduated, and went to school full time and work full time for 5 years, and my sister has died at a young age within the past 6 months. All of these stressors I believe have increased the stress around the eyes. I also work late hours.

    This is very disheartening to me that along with all of the culprits of life, I have to show these things on my face. The rest of my face it smooth as a baby's ass. I also have hollows under the eyes that developed after high school.

    I will also be looking into to fillers. Thanks to everyone for the advice!

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    I am sorry to hear about your sister jnm238. It is difficult losing someone close to you at a young age. Stress is a huge factor in how our skin appears. Unfortunately, you are so right, most, if not all of use, are under an abundance of stress and that is just a part of life. Working out and Yoga are very good, just don't over due it. Meditation would work wonders as it puts you in a relaxed state. If you can give it a try you may find it very helpful. Take care,

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