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    Default How to get rid of Dark Circles?

    Hello Everyone,
    I need help to get rid of my ugly dark circles. I would like to go natural or organic way.
    Also I wear glasses and i have heard that going for lenses instead, would help. Is that true?
    Can dark circles be hereditary?

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    Any products that contain Vitamin C will work. Vitamin C is an ingredient that helps hamper melanin (the skin complexes), but doing this it actually lightens the skin colour..this also works well for scars. Hope this helps!

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    You weren't up all night partying and you didn't also pull an all-nighter to finish a big report. Unfortunately, you look such as you did because you have mostly dark circles under your eyes. These dark circles are hyper-pigmented areas that make that spot under your eye look darker than the skin that surrounds it.

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    Dark circles are usually not about the pigment, Its usually burst blood vessels and broken capillaries. I've posted in the other thread but a vitamin k helps to strengthen the capillaries and help the blood absorb. I think there's another ingredient called Haloxyl which works the same.

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    Eat well, sleep well and drink well ( water obviously )

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    The issue with dark circles is almost never hyper pigmented skin, as mentioned.

    It is indeed usually related to blood vessels, so you will need to be using products that help with that issue rather than trying to correct the pigment of your skin...

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    Drink a lot of water’. This will not keep your skin moist but will help in overall upkeep of your health and in turn your skin. Also eat in a regular tine interval and vegetables with Vitamin C are very helpful to get rid of dark circles and sleep at least for 8 hours a day. This should be your daily routine. Then for medication, use chemical peels and under eye skin care cream of some good brands, which are not only helping you to get rid of dark circles but also enhance your skin complexion. But, before using that consult a dermatologist for most effective result.
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    Eight hours of sleep is a must for all of us, especially for people having dark circles under their eyes.

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    Exclamation Lime Juice!

    Tips id recommend. Get more sleep, dont let your eyes be exposed to direct sunlight. and try lime juice

    yes lime juice! i read something about its magical powers for skin blotches and spots on Livestrong

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    Dark circles are either hereditary by exposure to the sun, irregular lifestyle habits and hectic schedules. use a effective cream that will draw up a suitable regime for you so that your eyes remain sparkling fresh for as long, vitamin K and c will also help you. **** products also has effective products that work in harmony with the treatment to enhance the results.

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