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    Default Makeup Tips to Make You Look Younger

    1. Don’t over Do It. A lot of women when they get a little older, think that they need to cake on the makeup in order to look younger. Well girls, one of the top makeup tips to make you look younger is to not over do it! After all, why would you want to cake on layer after layer of makeup that will just sink into any wrinkles that you might have? Seriously ladies, think about it!
    2. Lighten It up , There are tons of ways to draw drama to your eyes and face without dark, dark colors. Ladies, if you are getting a little older, why not lighten up your colors? Whites, golds, and even pale colors all look fantastic. There are times though, that spicing it up and going with something bold and brilliant is good too!
    3. Eyelash Curler No matter how old you are, one of the makeup tips to make you look younger all revolves around the eyelash curler. An eyelash curler can actually make your eyes stand out that much better and can actually make them appear bigger and brighter. Add in a bit of mascara and you’ll see just how amazing your lashes look!
    4. Warm Colors , While you are experimenting with what colors work best with your skin tone, you should definitely give a try to warmer colors! These are the golds and bronzes that we were talking about above! Now that I’m almost thirty, I’ve actually ventured away from a lot of the deep blues and a lot of the violets, instead of I’ve gone with a lot of autumn colors. This makeup tips to make you look younger really works!
    5. Lip Liner , When you get older, your lipstick and even your tinted lip gloss can run a little, as the lines of your lips do blur a little bit. Lip liner is a great way to keep your lipstick and lip gloss in check! One makeup tip to make you look younger to follow is using lip liner that matches your lipstick exactly. Trust me ladies, that’s an important part!
    6. Ditch The Powder , When you start to get older, the powder can actually rest and crease right in your wrinkles (if you have any!), which means that ditching the powder is a must! Instead, why not use a really lightweight foundation, one that gets rid of oil but also looks flawless on! For me, it’s all about Maybelle’s new foundation, Dream Nude Airfoam Foundation.
    7. Think about Your Skin Tone , As I get older, I actually notice that my skin tone had changed a lot. It’s not as smooth as I want it, but one makeup tip to make you look younger is to actually think about your skin tone and really find a foundation that matches it. You also want to make sure that you find a foundation that is going to cover any imperfections that you have!
    8.Eyedrops ,Finally ladies, you probably wouldn’t have thought that eyedrops would be part of a makeup tips to make you look younger right? Well ladies, eyedrops can actually make the whites of your eyes appear whiter and brighter. This in turn can make you look so much younger! I put in eyedrops about two times per day and they really help my eyes!
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    Some great tips for calling attention to a woman's features, not her age.
    i think it's good tips to follow......

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    Hello buddies...

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