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    **dana** Female

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    Wink 7 Makeup Tips for Big Eyes

    1. Shimmery Eyeshadow , Shimmery eyeshadows are definitely one of the top makeup tips for big eyes to really make them stand out! Just a little shimmer, a little glitter, a little glam and your eyes will stand out beautifully! For me, I actually do a line of a matte color along my lash line and then add in the shimmer to my lid and just under my lower lashes. It really enhances my eyes!
    2. mascara up The Bottom Eyelashes , Another great makeup tip for big eyes is to mascara up the bottom eyelashes! This will allow the eyelashes to stand out and in turn, allow the eyes to stand out! Be careful though, you don’t want to have spider lashes and bottom lashes can do that.
    3. White Eyeshadow , One awesome way to highlight those beautiful eyes is to use some white eyeshadow. Now, you don’t have to do it all over your lids, but you can actually just use a little bit of white eyeshadow in the corners of your eyes. This makeup tip for big eyes can actually highlight your eyes and really bring out the color!
    4. Highlight around The Brow Bone ,You can also use that white eyeshadow to highlight around the brow bone ladies! Just take a little bit onto a brush and swipe the eyeshadow right under your brow bone and under your eyebrow. It’ll allow your eyes to shine and sheen. If you really want to get crazy, you can actually use a pale color along your brow bone to truly bring out your color!
    5. Keep Brows Manicured , Speaking of your eyebrows! Another great makeup tip for big eyes it to keep those brows manicured! If you have big eyes, typically they are going to be the focal point on your face and you want to do them justice by keeping those eyebrows in line.
    6. Blend , Blending is also something that is very, very important. Blending your concealer in to keep the dark circles away, blending your eyeshadow in to make sure that your eyes really shine and blending your highlighting in to make your eyes as enhanced as possible.
    7. I lash Curler ,Finally ladies, the last makeup tip for big eyes that we’re going to talk about is an eyelash curler. This little handy tool will actually help make your eyelashes super curly and make them stand out – which in turn will make your eyes stand out! I use one of these everyday and I love it!

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    **rahul veneton** Male

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    I agree with you but i apply black kajal and brown mascara and my eyes look best in that.

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    **Genevieve** Female

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    I have big eyes and follow all these tips. it really works!

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    **Ankith Srivastava** Male

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    New Delhi


    I have big eyes and I recently tried the second tip "mascara up The Bottom Eyelashes" of this thread as well as I got good feedback from my friends.
    Thanks for sharing.

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    **Dora Collis** Female

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    I also have big eyes and I am really happy to find this thread this is really helpful thank you so much for sharing with us!!!

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    **Ziesha Shey** Female

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    well, I only apply Kajal along with Dark Eye Shadow

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    **Ruby Jackson** Female

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    Alaska , USA


    Just use mascara because it makes eyes stand out more.
    Lately a hot style is not using matching shadows and liners. For example most people would use brown shadows and brown liners, but now purple shadows are with blue liners, stuff like that.

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    Use white eye liner (it's not as bad as it sounds) to really give the appearance of larger eyes. Try a little on the inside corner of both your upper and lower lids for even greater effect.

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    **kevinkrieger** Male

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    Nov 2013


    There are many tutorial on the internet regarding makeup. You can learn online on how to apply makeup.

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