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    Default paper cut like sores in mid groin?

    hi again. yeah ive been a mess this past week. the other day i started getting paper cut like sores in my mid groin. what could possibly cause this? i get this every so often. i put some antibiotic ointment on it so far as the only thing.

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    Antibiotics might not work, looks like yeast infection. Does it itch? blisters, any symptoms burning, stinging or any other sensation (sometimes recurrent herpes simplex might be confused...)... any abnormal vaginal discharge..? You may want to try some OTC vaginal anti-yeast creams.

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    hmmmm interesting. what makes u think its a yeast infection? is it normal to get cuts like that? i forgot to mention that the photos were right after i put anti-biotic ointment on. i dont have any known symptoms of a yeast infection, but just have these cuts that show up sometimes for a few days around the pore area.

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    well, the two on the right went away, and now i have one on the top left and one on the lower right.

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    Good to see its healing up.. remember don't over wash the vaginal area, it may lead to excessive dryness, and cracking of the skin and PH distrubance. PH imbalance will lead to fungal and bacterial breeding resulting in secondary fungal or bacterial infection.

    Do use some PH balance feminine wash on regular basis. Also for your intertigo on both groin area which is common on obese people. Try to minimize friction, tight fitting under garments, reduce heat and moisture around groin area and keep the area clean and dry. You may use some protective barrier creams that are available in the market for diaper dermatitis (Desitin) which will reduce the friction and protect your skin.

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    thanks for the info. its wierd, because im not obese, and have only gotten that groin rash one other time. my fiance has gotten it before as well, and hes not obese either. ive known others who get it all the time. i will look into that pH wash. ive been using a & d right now, but will try the desitin.

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