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    Default Any ideas what this is? (On feet and hands)(Picture attached)

    I have had these white bumps on my feet and hand for years now.
    The condition doesn't cause me any discomfort, and is often fun and satisfying to pick off the lumps.
    At the moment it seems to be a lot more predominant than before.
    Has anyone got any idea what it might be and a natural home remedy?
    Photo attached.
    Regards Benny
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    Welcome to the forum Ben. I need to ask you few question, so it might help to explain more about your condition..

    Do you have this on your palm and soles or just a dorsal aspect of hands and foot..or any other parts of the body?
    Do you notice any water filled blisters or its just an empty air filled blisters? or any other you could notice...?
    Do they peel off easily..?
    Any sensation... Itch, Pain..?
    When is it more severe..? Summer, Winter..?
    What you do.. ? Working environment..?
    Can u remember, when and how did it started.?

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    Hi and thanks for the warm welcome.
    Yes these are just on the tops of my feet and hands. They occasionally appear on my calves and thighs,though not as frequently. They are solid and sort of remind me of peeling off wax drops. They are picked off as easily as a scab and are completely different than a wart. I've had warts before and they are deep into the skin. These are on the surface of the skin and when picked off leave a white and slightly powdery skin underneath. Within a day the skin is normal. I haven't observed any seasonal changes, though I do notice them more in summer because I am wearing bare feet etc. They have zero sensation or pain. I am male, 48 and over weight. 105 KG when I should be 85-90 kg for my height.
    I dont remember a staring time or date as I have had them for many years now. I don't often wash with soap, but shower daily, so I don't think it is an allergic action.
    A few years ago I had two growths on my head an elbow that were completely different and were scab like. They never healed for years until I used apple cyder vinegar on them, and now they are completely gone. Even though I feel they are unrelated, it shows I have a susceptibility to skin problems. I am considering to soak one foot in a diluted bleach solution and the other in an ACV solution and monitor any changes. Any ideas

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    Thank you for your detail history, it helps us exclude other possible causes.

    You condition is a harmless condition known as "Stucco Keratosis". These lesion usually appear after the age of 40 yrs. There is no known cause for Stucco Keratosis. As these lesion are harmless, so no treatment is required. But it is always wise to do a periodic checkup of the lesion after 50 yrs.

    If needed these lesion can be treated with liquid nitrogen or curettage or using electrodesiccator.

    For prevention use regular moisturizers, is better if applied immediately after bathing. Protect your skin from excessive UV exposure.

    Well.... for home remedies you may try removing the stucco lesion with bath scrub sponge and apply good moisturizer on daily basis. This might help...

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    Hey thanks for that, that seems spot on, (pardon the pun)
    I did a google image search of your diagnosis (Stucco Keratosis) and the pictures seem the same.
    I am still going to do those experiments on each foot, and I'll report back the results.
    Great forum....Thanks !


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    Thanks for the follow up Ben . It's the member like you who keep us encouraging in continuing the support. Do keep update on your condition and experiment. Just make sure not to get infected.

    If you are satisfied with our suggestion, do share and recommend us to your friends and other sites like Facebook...

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