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    I have a persistent problem with blackheads on my t-zone. There really isn't any way of properly getting this of them. Probably the most effective way is to use a product containing pure retinol (the best are skinceuticals retinol and roc retinox). However these can be harsh and are not suitable for sensitive skin. They also make your skin more sensitive to the sun so you must wear sun screen when you're using them.

    If you don't fancy that idea then proper cleansing twice a day along with gentle exfoliation will definitely improver things. The gentlest method of exfoliation is to remove your cleanser with a muslin cloth. Don't use any harsh scrubs as it will only make things worse. Use aha or fruit acid exfoliators instead e.g Ren glycolic facial peel mask. This is the best I've tried and gets your skin super clean.

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    Blackhead treatment is more often is prevention treatment, and the most obvious thing that adds up to the problem is excessive oil production. Avoid using harsh chemical soaps, Good TFM face wash with mild effects is recommended to cut down the oil. Mild scrub once in a week helps remove dead skin cells. Avoid heavy makeups and make sure you take it off when you go to sleep. Anything that blocks the pores will actually contribute to blackheads, so that means dirt, oil , flakes, makeup and sweat.
    Mistakes to Avoid
    There are many over the counter drugs that are designed and formulated for blackheads only. For example, strips that fit over the nose to remove blackheads. One of the most selling products for the blackhead removal, though it might help get rid of it permanently but this will not prevent it from coming back unless you alter few things. You could also go for exfoliation of dead cells that in turn allows the skin to breathe more freely. Abrasive scrubs could also be helpful in removing the blackheads from the pores. Below given are some methods to remove blackheads, but restrain from over doing it.
    Miniaturization is the key- once skin gets too dry, it actually presses the sebum gland to overwork and compensate for the lost moisture on the surface. And that requires you to restrain from excessive picking, prodding, poking, scrubbing, or wiping. Removing blackheads isnít about using brute force but to gradually manipulate them to suppress the excessive oil production.
    Dealing with Blackheads

    Blackhead removal isnít overnight job, there isnít magic remedy to remove them completely or cure them at all. You will need to figure out the factors that lead to excessive oil production and drink lots of water to balance out your body chemicals and eliminate toxins. In case you have large skin pores you should consider one trip to your dermatologist for certain medications to shrink the opening while giving your skin a much need work break.
    Here is a breakdown of general steps how to get rid of blackheads:

    1. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice a day.

    2. Treat yourself right. So that means lots of water, good diet, and adequate sleep.

    3. Make sure your hands are clean if you touch your face.

    4. Apply acne cream and moisturizer if needed.

    5. If a blackhead forms, and you donít see it slipping out by itself easily, then squeeze it out. But make sure to wash your face and hands first. Soften your skin (cheeks and nose) with a warm towel. Squeeze out the blackhead, and follow up with a touch of acne cream. This is how to remove blackheads the safest way.

    6. Other harsher treatments like face masks, scrubs, or exfoliates are only appropriate for less serious cases of acne. People with severe acne or sensitive skin should stay well away from anything that is abrasive to your skin. Consult your dermatologist if you are interested in using any harsher methods, or if you just canít seem to get rid of blackheads on your own.

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    Try to take hot water steam on face and then try to remove it it will come out easily.

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    I don't know why, but everytime, everytime, I step into Chicago, my skin started to get red and I feel really itchy. I don;t know why. But, its happening like everytime and I haev no other option but to visit Chicago since my kids live there.

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    Best way to get rid of black heads on nose or any area of face is :- Honey and lemon are all greatest choices that help you on how to get rid of blackheads naturally. Lemon contains vitamin C and acid which can remove dirt from skin . Do it 2 times per week. Just apply lemon juice directly to apply to the skin, for about 15 minutes and rinse with clean water.

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