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    Default Immediate remedy for pimples, is it possible?

    I have a very sensitive skin which is prone of getting pimples. I have tried all those products which promise to dry them up in a day or two, but all went in vain. Please help me out and let me know if immediate remedy for pimples is possible.

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    Pimples problem is a multi factorial problem which has so many causative factors which needs proper treatment. Follow proper skin care regime. Wipe your face with cotton pad dipped in skin toner 3-4 times a day. Use of mint and clove which have anti-infective properties are beneficial for skin. Avoid junk food. Add lots of salad, fruits to your diet. Drink plenty water. It would help in removing toxins from your body.

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    Yes, add garlic oil with curd or honey & apply. But the good way to deal with acne is giving a soothing face masks. For this, 1 part of sandalwood powder may be mixed with 2 parts of mustard seed powder. Make a paste adding few drops of water and apply it on affected skin.

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    thank you both for your help.. have tried sandalwood.. but haven't tried garlic ..i'll try it and see if it works..

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    as much as i support homeopathic remedies, sometimes we just need the help of modern technology! my friend has zeno, and he used to have the worst types of pimples: huge and disgusting. when he started using zeno, most of them were gone in about a week! so maybe you should try it.

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    i don't think immediate cure is possible for acne.

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    For effective and commonly used pimples home remedies are...

    *Put toothpaste on your pimples before you go to bed, should help reduce swelling overnight. Make sure it is the paste not the gel. One of the most popular home remedies for acne and pimples.
    *Garlic Juice with 3 parts water is an excellent cleansing agent. Raw garlic applied ( rubbed) on the face can make persistent pimples disappear without a scar with repeated applications. The external use of garlic helps to clear the skin of spots, pimples & boils.
    *Wash your face twice a day in warm salty water. This should leave your face oil free without aggravating the acne. A simple pimples home remedy.

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    Immediate cure is not possible for pimple. Once you understand the causes of pimple, getting rid of pimples will be really easy. Change your diet and lifestyle in order to get rid of pimples. Sleep on time and sleep at least 7 hours a day to get a healthy skin. You must also wash your face 2-3 times a day with an oil free soap or face wash. Go natural and avoid heavy makeup if you are very prone to pimples.

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    Immediate remedy is not possible.It takes at least 3 days to remove pimple completely.I think Toothpaste is better option to dry it out on a short term basis.Calamine lotion will have the same drying effect.

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    Default Immediate Acne Solution

    I agree that there is perhaps no "instant" remedy for acne. I've had 'bacne' for many years in my life and got a great handle on it by doing the obvious basics:
    a LOT of water every day; organic vegetable juice that I use 3-4 times a week to replace a meal. Delete all junk & refined foods; Clean the colon, There are so many products available in the health food stores that will help you to do this naturally.
    I'm 58 and also started to have arthritic issues. So, my 'anti-arthritis' diet has also dramatically improved my skin! It's basically the same as mentioned above.
    Have yogurt (organic, plain only) add blueberries, strawberries, raspberry and some flaxseeds. This not only adds omega 3 (flaxseed) but has a powerful anti-inflamatory effect.
    The point is that good food is good for your body and will help heal whatever is going on over time.

    Getting rid of acne is a responsible, holistic journey.

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