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    Default I'm not sure if this is acne or not...

    I've been lurking around on the internet for a couple years now trying to find answers, and figured I should go the forum route...
    My skin is awful, the last two years my complexion just fell apart and now I have no self confidence. I used to have super smooth and clean skin. My daily regimen doesn't seem to do anything anymore...
    I don't know if this is acne or not, pimples aren't a huge problem; my skin just looks... chewed up... I guess.
    I don't know what else to post here... I just am tired of never finding the answers...
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    Hi Jayce! Welcome to DermaTalk . First wanna ask you few questions . Do your skin feel itchy? Does your face look flushed with dilated blood vessels over it? Can you see any black and white heads over your face?Also can you post a better clear picture of your facial lesions?we will be able to come up with some opinion if you provide us the answers.

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    There are some black heads, mostly on my nose.
    It's itchy before I put my moisturizer on in the morning, I use Fruit of the Earth Vitamin E Skin Care Cream and it's been good to me.
    I don't see any blood vessels at all. It does often seem flushed however...
    I can't provide a clearer photo at the moment unfortunately since I'm at work...

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    Hi Jace! Your condition seem either like allergic contact dermatitis or rosacea to me. But the most probable diagnosis seems allergic contact dermatitis. May be you need to carefully review your cosmetic items in including your creams,face wash etc. Do you think your flushing is related to any events like alcohal, spicy food,exercises etc ?

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    For me that looks more than contact dermatitis than rosacea.
    You should make some changes in your diet. Eat a lot of fish, soy, eggs and other aliments that contain a high amount of proteins. That is very important in contact dermatitis treatment.

    Also, you could use baking soda and olive oil. That will neutralize the acids in those "craters" and will make your skin soft and smooth. As your condition is not very advanced, I have no dubts that natural remedies won't work.

    ps avoid: cosmetics, metals, detergents and perfumes.
    Do you know what seborrheic keratosis is?

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    Hello, to me that seems like you have irritation in your skin after you shave.

    Here are some tips:

    After You Shave: Prevent Red Bumps & Irritation
    What you do after you shave also plays a big part in determining if you’ll experience irritation and red bumps.

    After you’ve shaved, dry the area completely. Do not rub too hard with the towel as this can lead to rough, dry skin or irritation.

    Once dry, to help prevent irritation, you can try applying baby powder, tea tree oil or coconut oil. Or, if you’re looking for solutions specifically designed to help prevent and combat red bumps, you can try physician Dr. Darria Gillespie’s recommendations: Tendskin or MiN New York Solution 2. Or, licensed esthetician Daniela Ferri loves FerroRosa FrictionFixTM. She recommends applying the powder to the shaved area each morning before getting dressed, before working out or before sitting for long periods that could put extra pressure on the delicate skin. This will reduce inflammation and irritation while absorbing moisture and oil, and preventing friction and pressure.

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    Some tips for irritating skin after shaving are:
    Cease shaving.
    Apply hydrocortisone cream or salve after shaving.
    Put on lotion after shaving.
    Wait until after your bath or shower to shave.
    Use shaving cream with aloe or other ingredients intended for sensitive skin.
    Shave in the direction of your hair growth.

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