First of all I want to say 'Hello' to all of you here. This is my first thread, so I might as well introduce myself. My name is Andreas and I am 26 years old. This is my story about my struggle with dermatitis.

The first encounter with dermatitis and dandruff was when I was 15 years old (puberty) and I didn't give it much attention. Anyways after three years of constant progress first I changed my shampoo (took the one for babies) and it didn't help. Actually not only it didn't help, but it made things even worse! After I noticed that condition on my face and when it really started to hurt I decided to finally visit dermatologist (since then I just thought it was a normal dandruff condition and that it would cure as I change my shampoo). Anyways, the diagnosis was "seborrheic derematitis". I didn't know what it was and my dermatologist prescribed me a shampoo on ketoconazole basis and come corticosteroid cream. It helped! My skin was clear and my scalp was amazingly dry. After some time the seborrheic dermatitis returned but I could keep it under control. It lasted like that until the winter two years ago.

I noticed in November two years ago that something is different: shampoo doesn't have the same effect like before and I can't risk the over-usage of corticosteroid cream, since side effects could be horrible. Nothing my dermatologist have prescribed didn't work! I was desperate but didn't lose hope. So I started surfing the internet in order to see other people experiences and to try some alternative remedy. I have learned that everything depends on the level of your stress, your daily diet, how much you sleep and basically everything. It all comes out on your skin! So I have changed my daily habits. I have changed my meals. I was taking more cooked food, and less fried one. I slept more and tried whenever I can to avoid any kind of stress. Also I put more chicken meat and more vegetables into my diet, and less "red meat". I completely changed 95% of my life habits and waited to see if there was any changed. I waited for 2-3 weeks, and changes were some or none.. and their progress was very slow, so I surfed more on the internet until one day I come to this website: (I am not associated with by any means!). There I found many interesting tips, and some did work some didn't, but the one which worked most for me was the "Bay leaf, vinegar and yogurt" combination. Also, I bought Nizoral, a shampoo on ketoconazole basis (the previous one I used was Oronazol). It finally helped! Now occasionally I clean my face with "Bay leaf, vinegar and yogurt" and use Nizoral and I don't have anymore problems with seborrheic dermatitis. Also, I put lemon on my face. It hurts sometimes, but it cleanses skin amazingly! So, health life style + alternative remedy + Nizoral is the perfect combo for me. I didn't cure it 100% (don't think it is 100% curable, since it is , but this it's kept under control.

This is my story, my struggle with dermatitis and the way I managed to keep it under control. I hope it will help someone. Good luck and don't ever lose faith..., it can be tough sometimes, but keep hoping and fighting!