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    Default Dime to Half Dollar Sized Bumps on Chest, Red, Extremely Itchy (Pictures)

    Hello everyone, I'm new here so I'm not sure what information I should include but I'll start from the beginning. Two days ago I started a new job. Before work I took a shower with a regular bar of dove soap, used my regular face wash, though I typically do not use it in the shower, and the same shampoo and conditioner I always use. The only difference in the whole routine is that I put on body splash from bath and body works that I used to wear all the time and haven't worn in a few months. The only thing new that I ingested was a strawberry Lemonade from a cafe at work. Everything was completely fine that day, but I woke up in the middle of the night, around 4am because it was starting to get light outside, scratching. I stopped myself thinking that it was a few mosquito bites and I didn't want them to get huge like they typically do on me. When I woke up again in the morning, I was covered in big, red, intensely itchy bumps on my breast (cleavage area), chest, and one of my shoulders. I took allergy meds yesterday late morning/afternoon to no avail and I've been putting hydrocortisone cream on it since yesterday evening and the bumps have gotten smaller and/or turned into multiple little bumps of different sizes but they still itch like crazy and now it feels like something is crawling on them unless I press on them. Plus it's really irritating to wear a shirt or bra, and to sleep or lay down and the wind really makes them itch even after I get a little relief from the steroid cream. Here are some pictures:

    2013-07-03 10.43.52.jpg2013-07-04 09.11.51.jpg
    The first picture is from yesterday morning the second from just now. There are more bumps but I didn't want the pictures to be too risque.

    Also note that I do have a history of eczema and seborrhea dermatitis though this looks like none of the two. I have not been around poison ivy and I'm pretty sure that I don't have bed bugs since there are no new bumps and I've never seen anything more than a beetle around. I also had this problem last year on my legs but the bumps were huge, like ten times the size and my sister's building actually did have a bed bug problem so I figured it was that or mosquitoes because the room I was sleeping in didn't have a screen in the window.

    Sorry if this is too long! Thanks in advance!
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    Hello, its been long since you posted, but how is it now? it looks like what doctors call allergic contact dermatitis. I had the same rash last summer and doctor prescribed me strong steroid and it was gone with in few days.

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