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    I use a lot of shea butter in my products because its really good for the skin and its transdermal so it goes beneath the skin to help the skin hydrate from the inside out. I have been doing some reading about how wonderful African black soap is I want to get some for myself and my daughter to try for facial soap. It is reported to take care of a lot of skin problems. Has anyone else here ever used this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by annran View Post
    I try to use natural products when possible, except for things like dandruff shampoo which is chockful of chems but cant help it - the natural ones didnt help.
    Theres this site with 100% natural products- it has very differnt products and I love them, although I need to budget myself to go there, cause they get all these new things in and I want everything. .
    holistic site
    thanks for the link! i keep trying to go even more natural when it comes to skin care as of late, and i appreciate this link.

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    Does anyone see the difference between the organic and nonorganic products that they use and how their skin is? I'd be interested in hearing some comparisons.

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    I used to wash my hair with herbal products like neem powder and oil and I used to brush my teeth with neem stick. It is really good for your health. Women can use turmeric powder to wash their face. It will protect your skin from any kind of disease and also make your skin soft.

    Try it out.

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    I can tell you I see a HUGE difference in my skin when I use market soap and when I use hand made soap. My skin is much better hydrated and I even notice less wrinkling and dry patchy areas. It is so worth it to look for natural products

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    Thanks Starchild! I was wondering what kind of differences there may be. If only I had it in my budget to be able to spend on homemade soap then maybe I wouldn't have eczema all over my hands LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimico View Post
    This means that water is the main ingredient therefore the product is supposed to be mild. It's interesting that you'd bring this up because I'd love to learn about these so called harmful ingredients.
    Hi mimico,
    This site i go to - says on their frontpage that they dont use water- so theirs are not dilutions, or are more effective..etc.. anyway they talk as if its not a good thing.

    They have this list of possible sensitive ingredients but its not from main site anymore

    For really indepth reports on harmful ingredients & effects go here- they give a breakdown and how safe it is.. of course the really really expensive ones are good

    GO when you have loads of time - some products are quite interesting - or should I say shocking

    And just ot say, after I started using their natural products - my skin has been so much better, and theirs last quite some time if used carefully that I've stopped getting moisturisers and acne products (and go without makeup sometimes - )which I guess work against each other generally by drying up skin. I use their Orchid serum and the acne wash and blend
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    I think I said this in another post but in direct answer to your question: I've tried it and find that I can't afford it so I don't do it anymore.

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    Going organic is the best way to go but sometimes it's just difficult and costly to find organic substitutes to the synthetic products we're already accustomed to. Home made products can be time consuming to prepare but if you have the spare time, it's definitely enjoyable to try different home made recipes for pampering the skin and hair.

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    You can find good home made soap that is not much more than what you pay for soap in the store. You can find sales or imperfect bars that the crafter wants to let go and they can be great ways to get good product for less money.
    I try to buy like 12-15 bars at a time to get a better price. One idea is to see if you have friends or family members who would split an order with you or look on the internet for ooops bars of soap or some that they are clearing out.
    Great product great prices!

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