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    Default How Natural Are You

    Since we all shop for skin care and daily products and we all know there are many harmful products like parabens, formaldehyde, & sodium lauryl .
    So since stuff like that is really in everything you buy (shampoos, toothpaste, soap, etc), I started to go all natural.

    what about you..

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    I have really sensitive skin but I'm not particular about what goes into the products that I use. First of all, there aren't many natural products here in the Philippines. What little there is are sold in specialty stores and would cost a lot of money. There are several brands I trust though such as Galderma, so I just stick to those. Also, if I ever take the time to look at the ingredients on the product label, I just make sure that the first ingredient listed is water. This means that water is the main ingredient therefore the product is supposed to be mild. It's interesting that you'd bring this up because I'd love to learn about these so called harmful ingredients.

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    I also try my best to replace all the synthetic products with the natural ones wherever possible. But I sometimes need to go for the synthetic ones due to my busy schedule. I myself prefer to use as much natural remedies and treatments for all my skin problems as I can. Even in synthetic range, I go for herbal based products. Though many of them are not actually herbal but I rely upon biotique a lot.

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    I make most of my own bath and body products. I have had much better luck with them. I shudder when I read ingredient labels on lotions and other bath products at the store. The only thing I do not make is shampoo and conditioner. Otherwise it is natural for me. I sold these to my clients when I was a massage therapist and got raves over the products that I made.

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    to keep my skin natural and get away from such harmful chemicals i hardly use any product for my skin.

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    i buy organic. i use products that have the USDA organic seal on them, and if i can't find a certain product, i replace it with something from my kitchen. i mean, if its good for inside your body, imagine what it can do outside of it!

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    Thumbs up different natural products

    I try to use natural products when possible, except for things like dandruff shampoo which is chockful of chems but cant help it - the natural ones didnt help.
    Theres this site with 100% natural products- it has very differnt products and I love them, although I need to budget myself to go there, cause they get all these new things in and I want everything. .

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    I've tried going all natural too before. For me it's just too hard to do. I don't know if I'm not looking in the right places or what but they don't seem to make the same stuff as the non-organic manufacturers make. Plus, living on a tight budget really doesn't allow for this expense, unfortunately.

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    For me I will try to use only organic products; I got most of my stuff from Body Shop; the prices are usually a bit higher but I guess it is worth it.

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    Organic and home made products from natural ingredients can be found on the internet as well. I have bought goats milk soap and other products that I do not make myself due to limited time. Ebay has a lot of that type of product as well for sale

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