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Thread: What is botox?

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    Does anyone else here have problems thinking about putting poison into their skin over and over? I know that doctors think that putting that minute amount in the injection is safe, but to me I think if I can get the results in another manner, I will go that route. I checked out Botox for my back problems and would not use it even for that.

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    I love botox. I only get a small amount for between the eyebrows. It helps lift the eye area a bit. But it doesn't not tighten the just paralyzes the muscle so you can't frown and the skin does not fold and wrinkle.

    I get such a small amount that nobody knows and my face does not look frozen. And, after a few injections you only need a touch up like twice a year. The first time i had it done (2000) I had 4 injections that year (one every 3 months). But then, it sort of builds up a bit and you only need to do it like twice a year......which saves $$$$

    I had it injected around the crow's feet area, but never seems to last as long. So I just stick to the forehead area.

    There is a new botox called Dysport. It cost a little more but last much longer and kicks in faster. You know when you get a botox injection, it takes like 4-5 days for it to kick in. But Dysport kicks in right away. Plus, the drug company that makes Dysport gives you coupons for like $50.00 off your next treatment helps

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    **Ajmal Khan** Male

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    Botox is a non-surgical method to wipe out wrinkles and lines from the face. It is mostly used for 3 purposes like severe underarm sweating, muscle spasm control, and cosmetic improvements. It is a trusted botulinum toxin used all over the world for looking younger and fresh. In United States, it was top non-surgical procedure in 2013 between men & women.
    There are various clinics that offers botox treatment in delhi, if you are put up in delhi and looking for it then first choose trusted & experienced expert for treatment because there may be some side effects if it's not take properly.

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    **Michael Riggins** Male

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    I read somewhere that botox helps to reduce wrinkles.

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