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Hello, I am a writer I work late at night. I have slight eye bag under my left side, it gets more pronouned especially when I stayed up late the night before. I've read some reviews about products that help to ease the bag, e.g., Eyevage, Eye Bright, Phytomer Eye Contour Cream, etc. I am planning to buy Eyevage becouse I have read a good review that it is scitifically proven and tested by dermatologits. I'd love to hear your experiences, does anyone tried this prodcut? or is there anyother prodcut that you have tried that can really help to reduce the bag?
Having a healthy lifestyle will help: avoid tobacco and alcohol, follow a balanced low-salt diet, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly. i do hope you had been able to find a solution to your eyebag problem. if not, probably you can try the following : 1. Hydration - easiest way to get rid of puffy eyes is to drink water. when body is well-hydrated, there is less chance of water retention that can cause your under-eye area and other parts of your body to swell. water helps flush toxins out of the body too. 2. Polypeptide eyecrea /Argireline - using an eyecream that contains this peptide, is said to tighten and firm the skin to make it appear younger, last 6-9 hours. You may find out more here: https://tinyurl.com/instantyoung 3. Tea bags - contain anti-irritant properties that reduce swelling around the eyes 4. Cucumbers - enzymes and the astringent properties help reduce inflammation and tighten the skin 5. Growth factor serum - growth factors formulated from stem cell technology helps stimulate production of matrix proteins, such as collagen and elastin which helps repair skin firmness and elasticity. Read about it here: https://tinyurl.com/gainyouth . Last but not least, repair your DNA by consuming the right food and fruits. A unique blend of superfruits containing a powerhouse of antioxidants that work together as a defense against free radical damage. Find out more: https://tinyurl.com/superduperjuice
Hope this will be able to help solve your headache.