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    Default Extremely itchy with rash all over :(

    Hi guys,

    I thought id put a post up as a last resort, for the past few months ive had a full body rash which itches constanly 24/7. Upon visiting the docs I was told it was Eczema, given some steroid cream and moisturiser and a week course of steroids. Initially the steroids seemed to help then within a week of finishing the course it was back again. I've also seen a dermitologist who didnt actually examine me but looked at pictures from my phone and again told me it was "Just Eczema" again perscribed more creams/lotions which do nothing but seem to irritate the skin, personally I don't think it is Eczema as the rash can go from mild to extreme and back again within hours and seems to me to be more like a condition or reaction.

    I literally itch from the time I wake up (If i sleep at all) to when i go to bed, if i do manage to fall asleep i wake myself and partner up itching frantically. I'm avoiding showering and bathing as when I get out its absolute agony. It's now getting to the point where it's affecting my mental health as I just cant see a way out and a life without this persistent annoying itch and awful rash.

    At first I thought I was allergic to Propylene Glycol as I vape and the liquid contains it, I havent used my vape for weeks now but the condition persists and still flares up, also changed washing powder etc to non bio sensitive.

    As you do I've been researching online from Scabies to Contact Allergic Dermititis, I'm just wondering if anyone can shed any light whatsoever from these pictures. I realise its very hard to diagnose in this way but just thoughts would help. I am booked in for a patch test mid july but as of this moment the thought of another month and half of enduring this is driving me insane.

    Any thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thank You.

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    Oh. That looks really bad. Try using benadryl or caladryl solution. It looks like an allergy to me. Consult a skin specialist immedaitely before the problem gets more worse.

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    Yeah it sucks, I've deep cleaned my house over the last few days and it seemed to improve but has just come back on my thighs and arms today with a vengeance. Doctors say it's eczema, I call bs on that. I will certainly look into what you suggest, many thanks!

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