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    Unhappy Eczema, Staph Infection or Something Else?

    Hello all,

    I am a 36 year old male in relatively good shape. For the past 3 months or so, I have been suffering from EXTREMELY itchy small red bump that eventually blister, sometimes with yellowish puss that crusts and spreads. I have seen a dermatologist 3 times now and all he does is prescribe me antihistamines and hydrocortisone (steroid) cream. I have no problem taking these things if they helped but unfortunately they do not. Even now as I write, I have taken Claritin (OTC allergy pill) in combination with Hydroxyzine (rX antihistamine) and Amcinonide (rX steroid) none of which are helping whatsoever.

    The rash originally started on my right foot and began spreading to other areas of my body (wrists, forearms, shins, thighs). Around the same time this started, I had been bit by a tick which caused some sort of allergic reaction around the site of the bite. I never had this bad of a reaction to tick bite before. I've been bit about 3 or 4 times in the last couple years but never this bad. I thought at first it was lyme disease since it kind of made a bullseye pattern but the docs didn't think so. They wouldn't even test me. Even to this day I have not had so much as a swab on anything, not the tick bite or the Staph/Eczema, whatever it is. No blood work either.

    Are the doctors I'm seeing completely incompetent or are they right that it's eczema? I know it's hard to say just by reading but I will include some pictures as well so I can get a second, third, fourth opinion.

    I need to deal with this ASAP because it's driving me crazy! The itch is so bad sometimes I just can't resists and end up making my skin raw which just spreads whatever this is even further. If it helps, around the time of the rash and tick bite, I also had an allergic reaction which caused really bad hives on my hands, on the outside and palms. I'm so tired from not sleeping right at night and my work is being affected now. I can't focus and concentrate because it's so distracting!

    Anyone, please help! Does this look like some sort of Eczema or a skin infection? I will take any advice I can get. Thank you!!

    Pictures of the rash:

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    Initially it does look like eczema with secondary staph infection.. few lesions look like scabies too, do u have it on genitals too..? trying more potent steroid with antibiotic oral and topical might help solve the problem (halobetasol or clobetasol +fusidic acid)

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    **Cassie Lyons** Female

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    Looks like eczema. I use Ora's Amazing Herbal touchy salve, she made it specifically for her kids' eczema and it really works to help soothe it.

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    **Stella Bell** Female

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    Luckily, there are some natural materials which can help you treat staph infection:

    1. Tea Tree Oil
    Tee tree oil is listed as one of the best home remedies for staph infection. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties from tea tree oil can effectively relieve uncomfortable symptoms of infections on the skin as well as improve the healing[4].

    How to use:

    Moisten a cotton swab and drop some oil on it. Directly apply on the affected area. After couples of hour, cleanse it off.
    Make a mixture from a teaspoon of Aloe Vera gel with some drops of oil and a little bit of honey. Directly apply onto the affected area. After couples of hour, cleanse it off.
    Perform those remedies for 1 to 2 times per day until there are positive changes.

    2. Manuka Honey
    Manuka honey is a helpful tip on how to get rid of staph infection. The antibacterial as well as healing properties from this New Zealand honey can help sterilize the infected part and improve the healing as well as prevent infections from coming back.
    How to use:

    Directly apply some honey onto the affected area.
    After couples of hour, cleanse it off.
    Perform couples of time per day until there are positive changes.

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    **Mary Anne Simpson** Female

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    Did you ever figure it out? I have exactly the same thing. Mine started on my right calf. It moved to my left calf, and then to my knees, forearms, back of hand, and chest. I was out on so many steroid cream which didn't work. Then doxycycline, which I was either allergic to or had a reaction that was 100 times worse. Finally I was put on 14 days oral steroids and triamcinolone cream. I'm off the steroids a week and I feel like it's creeping back. I didn't have a tick bite,
    But I think I remember a bug bite on my calf. They did do a biopsy, which showed folliculitis, but that was caused by scratching. The doc is calling it eczema. I have had eczema, which was caused by harsh dishwashing soap. I figured it out and use mild detergents I haven't had eczema for over 40 years. I have been dealing with this a year in march. I'm wondering if it could be a candida rash.
    Mary Anne

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    The EXACT same thing happened to me with the exact same looking rash at the site and later. I was bitten by a tick in my calf when I was a young boy. The rash at the bite site lasted over a year if I remember. I am now 40 years old and still develop eczema that looks like yours as well. Usually worst in January through May, generally recurs at the same places on the body (e.g. thighs, backs of hands, back of calves) some years on one side of the body, other years on the other side in similar places. I have tried everything. The only thing that helps a little bit is the triamcinoclone, but I reserve that for really bad outbreaks. When I had a particularly bad outbreak about 15 years ago the steroid wouldn't touch it but I managed to finally get it tamed down with several weeks of taking dandelion root pills and cod liver oil pills along with changing my bathing soap to a glycerine based (I think) herbal hippie type bar. The soap really helped but I can't find it in the states. I could only find it in RSA when I lived there. I just remember it was kind of translucent amber colored. Please let me know if you find anything that works. It is encouraging for me to finally hear of the exact same thing happening to someone else. I'm not quite as crazy as people think I am. Good luck.

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    **Shiza khan** Female

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    Mix a cup of mineral or vegetable oil to a warm bath to moisturize and soothe dry skin. Add 2 tablespoon olive oil with a glass of milk and put it into your bath water. oatmeal bath also good for soothing itch..

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