For the last ten months, I've experienced varying degrees of a rash-like condition on the skin between my chin and lower lip - nearer the creases of my mouth. (Photos below) Redness, dryness, flaking, and papules appear at this location, while I also have redness at the crease of my nose and just below the nasolabial fold.

It appeared, though without causal certainty, not long after I switched shaving creams to a supposedly gentler formula. There were no other notable changes in lifestyle or routines. I quickly discontinued use of the new shaving cream, but the issue persisted. I've tried a variety of topical steroid creams, some noted for the treatment of eczema, and had very slight success in reducing the appearance of papules, but the rash-like inflammation would continue to come and go and with the seemingly added cost of regular acne outbreaks on my face. For the last couple weeks, I haven't washed with a face wash or applied any creams with the exception of Cetaphil facial lotion as the area can get dry and flaky after bathing.

Am I dealing with Eczema, Perioral or Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, or something different? I'd truly appreciate any help in the identifying or treatment, or of any direction of further reading.

Thank you for your time!