In the past years there was news on some well-known celebrities being caught with face powder make-up fails. Some people thought there was flour on Nicole Kidman’s face when she was caught off-guard in a make-up mishap. . In 2014, Angelina Jolie was caught in what they call a major translucent powder malfunction on the red carpet. Miley Cyrus and Melissa Joan Hart were caught consecutively on their not so best face make-up. Hart’s make up scandal was said to be mortifying and really embarrassing.

Translucent powder works is a setting powder make-up. You can use it as your finishing powder make-up. It also works well with oily skin, because it controls the shine. It is easy to apply you just need a make-up powder blush and dust it lightly on your face.

On those said events the major cause of embarrassment was the translucent powder the celebrities were wearing. A lot of Makeup artists like to use translucent loose powder because it can give a matte-look without adding the color. Sadly even the best translucent make up powders can’t work well with uncontrolled flashes of cameras like on the red carpet. It works better on photoshoots where in lighting is controlled. Silica which is the main component of this make-up powder reflects light. So if you are to attend a party with flashy lights you can skip this step. Greenberg a makeup artist for celebrities like Angelina Jolie said in an interview, “If you use a powder that's super fine and you don't fully blend it, you can easily get the dreaded powder face, especially when you're photographed”. But since Jolie is a big name in Hollywood maybe she could just start a new trend.

Celebrities should start looking for an alternative make-up instead of using translucent powders to prevent being the talk of the town. Instead they can use other finishing powders. Other celebrity makeup artists recommend the use of loose foundation powder or shimmering face powder.
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