Hi everyone I need some help with dealing with and figuring out what is wrong with my skin. It just always is itchy looks red, irritated and spotty & I dont know if the spots are pimples and it looks like I have large pores but I rarely get pimples or at least ones that are obviously pimples.

There are some photos here --->http://imgur.com/eitnXyG http://imgur.com/UtWh8MYhttp://imgur.com/rqoBaUg http://imgur.com/eitnXyG I think it looks worse in real life than it does in the photos

I am not 100% sure but I think my skin is dry on my cheeks its always tight and very red itchy and kind of inflamed and if I put make up on its all cracky and patchy and flakey. I have had this skin for as long as I can remember actually caring about how I look and Iv tried different facial washes, scrubs and moisturisers but it still looks the same though after the moisturiser i put make up on and most of the redness goes away and it looks a bit better. I was my face in the shower once a day with a face wash and I moisturise it after but thats all I do. I think im just dry in general I have a dry scalp as well and I have a few skin issues like Acanthosis Nigricans and I had irritated skin it almost seemed a bit like dermatitis and the skin on my elbows is dry and cracky. So does anyone have any advice should I see a doctor? Could it be Rosacea type 2? Even though I know other have it worse I hate it it looks bad and I feel angry and disgusted at myself for looking like that.