Hmm, i always wants to have a sharper nose but plastic surgery would be last on my list - probably wont even thought of doing it.

I came across Radium - PDO Nose Thread and took me awhile to finally pick up my phone and call them. After talking to the nurse on the phone, I decided to go down to see the doctor before I proceed to do anything (I guess I need some confidence =P)

Fast forward to 3 months later. I finally decided to give it a try. I make appointment with them on a friday and also to take 2 days off (Mon and Tues) from work (I'm kind of kiasu type).

After the treatment - probably an hour or so, hmm I must say the feeling is a bit mixture. It feels like I have achieved my goal of a sharper nose but then the feeling of "bit swelling" makes me feel a bit funny. I waited for another 2 days. On Monday, no more weird feeling and I loves my nose =D

Just want to clarify, this is not a plastic surgery -it will not give you a different look. haha It will enhance your current look by having a more defined sharper nose and lift up the nose tip. It looks more natural and definitely more pretty hehe at least to me.

You might want to do some read up before you decide.

I love the outcome that I decided to go for their facial as well. I dont want to go try out other beauty salon anymore. Radium shall me my one stop solution =D

Oh ya I love their Best Pre-Party Prep Facial too!! Everyone says my face looks whiter and brighter after this facial.

I hardly give any long reviews but Radium deserves it!