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    Lightbulb 3 Ways to Mislead a Hair Transplant Patient

    Nowadays, the hair transplant service option is available with a mushroom growth and a number business oriented clinics offer the procedure by telling their patients that they provide robotic transplant or advanced FUE and a number of decoy options that divert the patientís mind force them to choose the option without thinking much.

    No, it is not a right way to choose a plastic & cosmetic surgery, especially the hair transplant to immediately as it needs a careful decision at each & every step towards the procedure. There are many clinics who run to attain the business success rather than being focused on the actual outcomes. These clinics are very far from the reality and despite being concentrated on the outcomes they talk just about the technique and their lot discussions are focused on the technique suitability or their advanced way of opting. But, the fact is that the procedure of hair transplant success is all based on the Surgeonís expertise and their careful decision at each & every aspect related to the procedural application. The hair transplant in India now gives you an option of getting the procedure by the hand of expert Surgeon available in the pink city, Jaipur capital Delhi.

    Here we are highlighting the 3 ways to Mislead a Hair Transplant Patient:

    1. We use only the Robot: It is a top misleading point to sedate patient mind by saying that we do hair transplant by the robot, but the fact is that the robot is just for the extraction & recipient site creation to implant the grafts and is handled by the surgeon, which is all based on the Surgeonís expertise that how efficiently they handle the machine to offer the best output.

    2. FUE is a non-surgical procedure: Some of the clinic claims that FUE is not a surgical procedure, but it is not right because FUE involves the same kind of pain, scars, numbness likewise any surgical procedure and saying so is not worth in this section.

    3. Hair Transplant is a Painless Procedure: The pain of the procedure while harvesting is performed or punching is made can be reduced with the use of local anesthesia and a recognized clinic has a proper management for making the procedure a painless as much as possible. However, the hair transplant procedure involves pain, but a bearable one that can be reduced up to zero level if anesthesia has been applied.

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    I have also a information about misleading a hair transplant, which is essential for the patient-

    Searching Best Hair Transplant Clinic

    Before searching for any best clinic for hair transplant in India, you must search the best hair transplant surgeon.

    Choosing the right surgeon for the job is the most important decision in your life.

    In choosing a hair transplant surgeon, the first thing you need to know is the doctor’s speciality. Hair transplant is a type of cosmetic surgery and therefore only a plastic as well as cosmetic surgeons are entitled to perform this procedure. Keeping this in mind, only a cosmetic surgeon having an M Ch degree in plastic surgery should be allowed to perform the procedure. Any physician cannot perform hair restoration surgery without any special certification or training.

    Suitable Age for Hair Transplant Surgery

    Hair transplant clinics prefer to operate on the patients who are older than the age of 24. After this age, a hair surgeon can correctly identify the pattern of hair loss.

    There is no maximum age limit on getting a transplant after the age of 25. As long as the donor area is in good condition and the patient has healthy hair follicles then the transplantation can be done.

    As baldness is most commonly caused by a sensitivity to Dihydrotestosterone or DHT. DHT starts to kick in during puberty and during a process called ‘miniaturisation’, which can prevent the growth of certain hair follicles. This, in turn, starts off the thinning of hair, which is usually, how balding and receding begins.

    Those who have seen the hair loss in their early 20’s they become negative and lose their self-confidence. In some survey, it shows that over 50% of men aged form between 24-34 believes that their hair is receding and considers a hair transplant.

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