In some cases yes. If your GP didnít mention anything of note, you may still experience discomfort, and even a bit of bleeding after the procedure.

By the time my GP has futtered around trying to find a speculum that fits I am already tense enough to launch said speculum back in Docs face, then yes I feel (and have done so for every one Iíve ever had) the actual flavour of the year that they are using to scrape the cervix with. I call the latest model which is shown in the Quora link below the Cathedral Flu Brush. So that is uncomfortable, then just after, or even a few minutes later my cervix (feels like) cramps & tries to crawl even higher up into my body, and the sensation can last for hours.

I always wear a pad in case there is some bleeding after.

I would worry if I wasnít feeling better after about 24Ė48 hours, or if you are bleeding or have any discharge. I didnít find a lot on my search, but the 2 links below may help. On a historic note the design of speculum they are using has been around for Centuries (& feels like it!!!!)