Letís know the tips to get rid of pimples after threading on eyebrow:

Do not touch

After shaping eyebrow with threading do not touch that portion as it may increase the risk of infection. The infection cause acne so does not touch the area after a few hours of threading.

Apply rose water

Rose water is helpful in reducing the irritation of the skin after threading. Rose water also helpful in reducing swelling after eyebrow threading. With the help of cotton balls, apply the rose water on the affected area, it reduces the problem of acne.

Do not apply makeup

Harmful chemicals are present in the make-up product. The possibility of getting acne increase if you apply immediately after threading. To avoid acne, avoid using makeup products such as eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow.

Apply aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gels have anti-inflammatory properties that help in relieving skin irritation after threading to shape eyebrow. Immediately after the threading, apply aloe vera gel to the area.

Stay away from sunlight

You should not expose to sun immediately after threading. The rays of the sun are harmful to the body, which cause problems of acne. Do not expose to sunlight for 12 to 13 hours after threading. If you want to go, then apply sunscreen before leaving.