While your lips can darken because of everything from low blood circulation and stress to excessive smoking, the effect is not irreversible. Also, bear in mind that without appropriate and consistent lip care your lips won’t stay pink. So here are 10 beauty tips for lips that tell you how to get pink lips naturally.

1. Stay moisturized for glossier lips

Did you know that your lips also contain a small amount of sebum? Which is why moisturizing them with petroleum jelly, lip balm or coco butter is essential.

2. Pomegranate seeds and milk help to get pink lips

Grind a handful of pomegranate seeds and mix them with some milk cream. Apply this mixture to your lips regularly and watch them become pinker and fuller too.

3. Cucumber juice helps to remove dead skin from the lips

Rubbing a slice of cucumber on your lips makes them pink.

4. Rose petals and milk moisturize your skin naturally

Soak a few rose petals in a bowl of milk for a while. Then take out the petals, add a few drops of honey and glycerine to them and then grind them into a paste. Now apply the paste on your lips and you’re done!

5. Lemon juice helps to lighten your lip's shade

Cut a thin slice of lemon and sprinkle some sugar on it. Now, rub that sugary slice on your lips and soon enough, your lips will begin to lighten. How? Well, lemon is an excellent natural bleaching agent while the sugar, in this case, helps to exfoliate all the dead skin cells.