Foods to Avoid During Typhoid

Dietary precautions during treatment of typhoid fever make sure that the disease does not aggravate. It helps you ease from the discomforts of the disease.

Avoid high fiber foods: Intake of whole grain cereals and their products like oatmeal, whole wheat bread, and raw vegetables in the form of salads, are rich in fiber. It can add on the stress on your digestive system.
Avoid vegetables like cabbage, capsicum and turnip as these can cause bloating and gas.
Stay away from oily foods, spices and seasonings like pepper, cayenne and chilli powder to make sure that the digestive tract does not inflame all the more.
Diet Tips

Drink boiled water and keep your body hydrated.
Consume 3 4 liters of fluids in the form of water, fruit juices, tender coconut water and soup.
Eat small frequent meals rather than large meals to ease digestion and for maximum nutrient utilization by the body.
Try not to include spices as much as possible till the fever recovers.
Slowly introduce protein in your diet in the form of eggs, yoghurt and boiled fish; depending on your tolerance level, increase the portion size.