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Thread: Acne and diet

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    I agree with SkinCareDiva. Every person's body chemisty is going to be a bit different as we all look, feel, and are built differently. What works for one of us may not work exactly for the other. General principles are fine but you are going to have to fine tune a diet to work for you that will be what keeps down acne break outs.
    IN general, avoid greasy, oily, junk foods. Eat chocolate, and things of this nature in moderation. If you notice breakouts after eating certain foods then try removing them from your diet and see if your skin improves. If so then they are probably triggers for your acne and need to be avoided.
    The healthier that you are in general, the better off you will be all over, inside and out, now and in the future.

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    By consuming the following diet for sometime you can get rid of your acne:

    * loads of well-ripened fresh fruits; as much as you want

    * a tomato-cucumber-avocado-chives salad covered with lots of extra virgin olive oil

    * some sashimi (=sushi without rice) from fish that has NOT been in the freezer

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    eating junk foods like french fries etc which are oily may cause acne...other than this i dont think there is any food specification which one needs to follow...

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    Soulrider if you will read previous posts you will see that research has proven that diet does indeed affect your skin and acne in particular. The Academy of Dermatology has done a lot of studies on this.

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    i am not sure if it is true or not but i heared eating TOFU helps!!

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    Acne can be the result of a congested system. Ensure that a fair portion of fibre is included in daily diet. Whole grains, fruit and salads are a must as is plenty of water. Avoiding starchy and fried foods also helps in curbing the spread of acne.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deeny View Post
    When it comes to food, i'm very passionate person about food.Lately my acne is breaking out.Is it because of my food obsession?
    I agree with Ashma here. There is no scientific evidence that relates acne and food though there many people who believe it to be true. Primary causes of acne are suggested to be over indulgence in junk food, oily food, chocolates etc. However, I believe you can safely eat all your favorite foods until you are taking a balanced diet and drinking enough water (about 8 glasses in a day).

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    if you want to find out which food makes you brake out - try keeping food dairy.
    another option - get tested for food allergies. sometimes they can make you brake out.
    Although link between specific foods and acne is somewhat fuzzy, there is evidence that excess of iodine can promote acne, so make sure that you don't consume more than recommended 150 mcg per day.

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    Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Drink plenty of water and try to avoid hot and spicy foods which contains too much oil.
    Moreover get tips for the acne prone skin by visiting this link;

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashma View Post
    There is no any scientific evidence that support acne and diet. But yea too much of junk foods might harm your overall health. Be sure healthy food is good for your overall health and skin. But enjoy your favorite food.
    Yup - except for Iodine, but only in large large quantities.


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